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18/07/2024 - 21:30
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Zagreb (CRO), 29.12.2014.
Janica Kostelic blog: Let Christmas spirit last all year round
Yes, I know, sort of a cliche but, as they say, for good wishes it is never too late, so this year I will stick to that.

Christmas period is behind us, but to all I wish that feeling of love and time focused on our families. This being around there for each other we should really try to transfer to the whole year in front of us. Because, with that feeling, all other stuff will seem easier.

Right after Christmas we entered our regular rhythm quickly, and being back on snow we soon found out - Vip Snow Queen Trophy in Zagreb/Sljeme was given a green light! :) Not that you do not know that already, but, last season considering, it is worth repeating! ;) Don't know about you, but I have surely missed the races in 2014. The white colour of Crveni spust slope and Sljeme in total, top ski racing, great fans... We will make it all up in 2015 ;)

But, as I love to say, so I will say it again - it is even more important that Sljeme gives us an opportunity to ski on our own hill right before and after the Vip Snow Queen Trophy races. So, let's use it! Trust me - there is no better hill than home hill :)

And the races? Will be great, as always ;) Our boys will do their best, as usual, and their best can be pretty good if you think about Filip Zub�i� in Alta Badia, for example.

Tina Maze is back in amazing form, on the boys' side Marcel Hirscher and Kjetil Jansrud are up for a great fight generally as well. So, the rest of the season is surely going to be interesting. In Zagreb/Sljeme, but after that as well...

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