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18/07/2024 - 23:03
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Zagreb (CRO), 11.03.2014.
Janica Kostelic blog: My memories of Sochi
With a time passing by, when your impressions sink in, it is even easier to see how you have had - a wonderful time at one certain place.

And when I think about Sochi I just have a wide smile on my face. So much sun, not all caused only by typical Sochi climate - as much as I have heard a "human factor" has also had something to do with it, but that's a different story, story of us humans "messing up" with Mother Nature and her plans too much...

As far as Kosteli� family is concerned - we left Sochi happy, happy, happy, with yet another olympic medal in our bags :). So happy for us, but also for all the other olympic medalists, especially golden ones, yes, including Sandro Viletta as well... ;). Mario Matt ("old guard"), Maria Riesch, Fenninger, especially Tina Maze. All brilliant stories... Would have also loved to see Bode with a gold in his hands - but it simply wasn't to be.

Lots of fascinating stories to tell, from competitions and outside the competitions as well. Security strong, but discrete, but from all the memories from Sochi what I will remember the most are - very special and beautiful mornings. So hard to describe in words. Every morning quite the same, but still different. The same sun, different scenery... Just simply wow, made me come late to some race course inspections as well... :D

Well, I have enjoyed the Games in all of the colours and shades. And the last day... All together in Sochi, Natko, Dalibor, Ivica, Elin and me taking a walk, a swimm, chilling :D. Just a perfect day, perfect combo because I hope you all know how us Kosteli�s enjoy spending time on the sea as much as on snow... If there was only a possibility to dive a little bit as well. ;)

But now - World Cup finals first, and then we'll think about diving. Later, when the "circus leaves the town". The "white" circus, in this case ;)

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