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18/07/2024 - 22:07
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Zagreb (CRO), 11.02.2014.
Janica Kostelic blog: Enjoy the Games
Different people need different things. Everybody likes something, everybody enjoys different things, everybody has his or her favourite thing, place, experience... All this, as far as I am concerned, fits in just two words - Olympic Games.

I strongly believe I am not the only one. For most sportspeople it is just the same. Just because there is a special energy surrounding the Games, it is just simply a special experience. And yes - also a special sports goal to be reached. A goal that transforms everything into pure perfectness. But, even if you fail to reach that final goal, you are still happy, because you are a part of the Olympic Games magic. And that is just simply - it ;)

Sincere greetings from Russia. And I really want you to enjoy the Games. For us, for now, everything is perfect here in Sochi and everything is going according to plans. Some have already "grabbed" their first medals, so my sincere congratulations to all of them. There were also some surprises, great races, some tears, but also a lot of joy. Well, I'm telling you, just enjoy it! No matter what the results are, as we all now that us Croats have a tendency to acknowledge only medals and victories. Nobody can on a given day always have the best possible form or day. So one can not expect always only the best results. Of course, we will try our best to accomplish big things here. But even if we fail - just enjoy the Olympic Games. They are quite perfect just the way they are. :)

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