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News Archive - 12. mjesec 2012
Thursday, 06. December, 2012.
» Janica Kosteli blog: Snowed in at Val d'Isere
Hi! Here we are, back from the States. And no matter how good I feel on the American snow, somehow I love returning to Europe :)
Sunday, 16. December, 2012.
» Janica Kosteli blog: Ivica and his knee like finger and fingernail
Hi everybody. I am away just for few days, and so many things happen... Unfortunately, this time not quite the good things, but that's life and I am sure that soon there are many good news that will follow.
Thursday, 27. December, 2012.
» Janica Kosteli blog: My Christmas
I‘ve been away for a while now but I guess everyone has gone Christmas crazy by now, something all of us can relate to perfectly. Now add to that coming home just a few days before Christmas, after two months of being away… :)
Monday, 31. December, 2012.
» Janica Kosteli blog: Unusual New Year's Day
Ok, so we finished our ski trainings in Zagreb, and in Innerkrems, then again in Zagreb, and in Innerkrems... Oh yes, we had an 'interesting' training schedule in the last few days, because of challenging snow conditions. But we found a way to do what we wanted. Just like always :)

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