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News Archive - 01. mjesec 2004
Saturday, 03. January, 2004.
» Janica by her brother's side in Flachau
Janica Kostelic stays by her brother's side all the time in Flachau and she is helping Ivica's team in every way. Even though she is in Flachau she has left her skies in Zagreb because she doesn’t want to do against her doctor’s orders.
Sunday, 04. January, 2004.
» Janica is on her way home
Janica is on her way to Zagreb after ejoying the competitions and being a great support to her brother Ivica.
Monday, 05. January, 2004.
» Happy Birthday Janica!
All the best and good health above all wishes you Croatian Alpine Ski Team: Ivica, Nika, Ana, Matea, Prdek, Grincek, irac, Oliva, Dane, Dacho, Tea, Lea, Lana, Sofija, Boki and experts: tata, Hefo, Maglica, Krutov, Cena, Psycho, Frenkie, Sobol, Slash, Gao, Marko, Seny, ujo, Mile, Splio, Smrky, Mika, Kaos, Gigi, Agata, Sreky, Bruno, tef, Vedran, Ozren, Board of Executives, Nordic Team, Biathlon Team, Snowboard Team, doctors, ski clubs and all involved.
Of course their wishes would also like to express your faithfull team of web developers - Code16: Pata, Scorp, Direktor, Daemon, Shook, Retro, Kreo, Phoenix, Ogi and Tanja!
Best wishes and a big hug from your faithfull fans. We will not mention them by names it's enough for you to take a quick look at your shoutbox :)
Tuesday, 20. January, 2004.
» Janica awaits thyroid surgery
Janica Kostelic will undergo thyroid surgery tomorrow (Wednesday, 21.01.) in Sveti Duh hospital in Zagreb. The procedure will be performed by dr. Miljenko Radetic with his assistants. The press conference will be held after the surgery, at 14:00 hours, where the above mentioned medical team will convey necessary information about the surgery and its outcome.
Wednesday, 21. January, 2004.
» Janica Kostelic's thyroid surgery a success!
This morning in hospital Sveti Duh in Zagreb Janica Kostelic underwent thyroid surgery. The surgery, performed by dr. Radetic and his medical team, was successful.
Monday, 26. January, 2004.
» Janica released from hospital
Dr Radetic and his medical team released Janica from hospital today. She will leave for Novi Vinodolski tomorrow where the Mediterranian climate will hopefully benefit her.
Saturday, 31. January, 2004.
» Nice gesture by the Croatian handball team
Dr. Feldbauer of the Croatian handball team made a wonderful gesture today, just before the European championship semi-final game between Croatia and Slovenia. He sent his best wishes to Janica and Ivica and expressed his hopes for their speedy recovery. Croatian ski federation use this way to thank them on behalf of the Kostelic family. Good luck tomorrow guys!

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