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News Archive - 03. mjesec 2003
Saturday, 01. March, 2003.
» Janica gets more points
Janica Kostelic finished 15th in the World Cup downhill race in Innsbruck and she scored 22 points. Her closest rival is now Michaela Dorfmeister and the only battle going on is that for the 2nd place.
» More points for Janica Kostelic in Innsbruck
With another good 12th place reached in the last downhill race before the Finals in Norway, Janica Kostelic consolidated her lead in the overall World Cup standings. She finished a second and a half behind Austria’s Michaela Dorfmeister, but a few tenths ahead of Italy’s Karen Putzer. This allowed the skier from Zagreb to look with optimism towards the end of the season and the last competitions in Lillehammer. Janica, who started in 29th position after having clocked the second best time in training on Thursday, skied with enough control to make sure to reach the finish line without great problems.
Sunday, 02. March, 2003.
» The Crystal Globe is definitely in Janica's hands
The World’s greatest skier, Janica Kostelic, finished 8th in Sunday’s giant slalom and she has mathematically assured that the Little Crystal globe will stay in her hands. She is now the best skier and the winner of the Little Crystal Globe for the season 2002./2003. Her closest rival won’t race in two slaloms and if one of the rivals scores 100 points in every race until the end, they couldn’t get over 500 points of Janica advantage.
» Janica almost did it!
In reaching a solid 8th place in today’s last Super-G race prior the Finals in Lillehammer, Janica Kostelic is assured to collect her second overall World Cup title in Norway in two weeks. She only lost 41/100 on the winner, missing by only 15/100 her second Super-G podium this season after a smooth run down the “Patscherkofel” course. With the same determination than in Bormio’s giant slalom or in Salt Lake City, she could have fought for her first victory in that specialty!
Monday, 03. March, 2003.
» Janica on her way to Are
After winning 70 points in two giant slalom races and one downhill race in Innsbruck, and also mathematically assuring the Overall World Cup victory, Janica Kostelic traveled to Are where she will race in two more races next weekend.
Tuesday, 04. March, 2003.
» Janica arrived in Are
After spending one day in Munchen, Janica Kostelic arrived in Are on Tuesday, where she will continue with the World Cup competition. But she can rest assure, because the Crystal Globe is already in her hands...
Wednesday, 05. March, 2003.
» Janica on giant slalom training
Janica Kostelic arrived in Are on Tuesday afternoon and the temperature was -18 degrees and during the next day it climbed to only -8 degrees. She was training giant slalom on Wednesday morning while the race is scheduled for Thursday.
Friday, 07. March, 2003.
» Janica 3rd in the overall giant slalom standings
Besides being double world champion (in slalom and combined), the overall world cup winner and the best slalom skier, Janica Kostelic has another goal that she discovered after finishing 6th in the giant slalom race.
» Janica did it!
Two years after her first triumph here, Janica Kostelic clinched her second overall World Cup title in Are at the end of the giant slalom race won by Sweden’s Anja Paerson. Paerson won her fourth consecutive GS since January and she took the lead in the specialty World Cup standings.
Saturday, 08. March, 2003.
» Janica Kostelic fought back
Ski World Cup. Janica Kostelic set the fastest time in the first slalom run in Sweden’s Are in the last women’s competition prior to the Finals in Lillehammer, Norway, next week. The Croatian, who is assured to win her second overall World Cup title in a week, beat by 55/100 of a second Sweden’s Anja Paerson, the winner here in a giant slalom last Friday night. Monika Bergmann from Germany was 3rd at 88/100 of a second.
» Janica 3rd in history of skiing!
For the 5th time this season Janica has confirmed who the true queen of slalom is. Swedish Are, became her favorite ski resort. Janica Kostelic won the last slalom race prior to the World Cup Finals in Lillehammer. She is now relaxed and is skiing for her own pleasure. Somebody even did the statistics and confirmed that Janica is the 3rd best skier in history!
» Fifth slalom victory for Janica Kostelic
Janica Kostelic brilliantly confirmed her recent triumph in the World Championships slalom in St Moritz as she celebrated an impressive fifth World Cup victory in Are where the last race prior to the Finals in Norway’s Lillehammer took place by nice weather conditions. Clocking the fastest times in both runs, the Croat finally beat by 63/100 of a second her main rival Anja Paerson from Sweden, the winner in the night giant slalom on Thursday. The two champions shared all the wins in slalom this winter – five for Kostelic and three for Paerson.
Monday, 10. March, 2003.
» Ivica and Janica together again
The Kostelic's are together again. After his Asian tour, Ivica has joined his sister Janica in the hunt for the new World Cup points. Ivica's timing could've been better – in the World Cup finals, he is 34 points behind Palander and he will need all the help he can get, especially from his family.
Tuesday, 11. March, 2003.
» Janica will go to surgery on March 20th
The World's best skier, Janica Kostelic, will go to surgery on Marc 20th in the hospital «Salata» in Zagreb. Dr. Miroslav Haspl, orthopedist and the official doctor of the Croatian Alpine Ski representation, will perform the arthroscopic seizure on her right knee. That will be the end of 'Janica's knee' story that had been going on all winter and has even threatened to end her performances earlier. But, the medical team had decided that she doesn't have to go to surgery until the end of the season.
Wednesday, 12. March, 2003.
» Janica trained Super-G and slalom
Wednesday was a day when we could all relax and not think about Croatian skiers but everything will go back to normal on Thursday. Janica Kostelic will compete in the Super-G race in the World Cup Finals in Lillehammer.
Thursday, 13. March, 2003.
» Janica 7th in the overall super-g standings
Janica Kostelic finished 14th in the last World Cup super-g race held in Lilllehammer. She scored 18 points and she is 7th in the overall super-g standings. In the overall World Cup standings, she is now 570 points in advantage on Karen Putzer who is 2nd.
» More points for Janica Kostelic
Despite a flue, Janica Kostelic wanted to compete in Kvitfjell’s Super-G competition raced by perfect weather and course conditions. The overall World Cup leader ended in 14th place in that event won by Italy’s Karen Putzer ahead of Alexandra Meissnitzer and Martina Ertl.
Friday, 14. March, 2003.
» Janica after her 20th victory
Janica Kostelic will race in her last slalom race this season on Saturday when she will also receive the little Crystal Globe. Regardless to the fact that she will win the overall World Cup standings, she is still interested in winning this race because that would be her 20th World Cup victory. Janica is still a little bit ill but she will probably forget all her worries ones she gets to the top of the course in Hafjell.
Saturday, 15. March, 2003.
» Janica Kostelic crashed out in last World Cup slalom
Janica Kostelic suffered another spectacular crash today in the second run of her last slalom of the season after clocking the best intermediate time. American Kristina Koznick celebrated her sixth World Cup victory ahead of France's Laure Pequegnot and Austria's Nicole Hosp.
» Janica skied out because of a boy from the audience
Janica Kostelic didn't finish the season with her 20th World Cup victory and she didn't break the record in the overall World Cup standings. Unfortunately, she missed one of the gates near the end in the last slalom race this season and she didn't get any points. That was the 1st time she skied out in the slalom since the World Championship race in St Anton in 2001.
Sunday, 16. March, 2003.
» The Crystal Globe is in Janica's hands
Although she wasn't her best in the last race of the season, Janica Kostelic was the absolute winner. She held the Crystal Globe in her hands and that award is only given to the best skiers. This year that is Janica, but we've already knew that from the beginning of the season.
Wednesday, 19. March, 2003.
» Janica successfully operated
After a great World Cup season, Janica Kostelic was successfully operated in Zagreb’s hospital Salata by Prof. Dr. Miroslav Haspl, the official orthopedist and doctor of the Croatian ski representation.
Friday, 21. March, 2003.
» Janica got out of the hospital
The world's best skier, Janica Kostelic, has left the hospital on Friday morning. Dr Miroslav Haspl did the arthroscopy of her right meniscus on Wednesday.
Tuesday, 25. March, 2003.
» Janica waits for Oscar
After another successful season, Janica Kostelic is a strong candidate for wining the prestige award «Laureus World Sportsman of the Year», better known as the 'Oscar in sports'. 400 sports journalists from 75 countries will be participating in that election and the ceremony is scheduled for May 20th in Monte Carlo.
Wednesday, 26. March, 2003.
» Janica and Ivica are recovering in Selce
After an exhausting season, Janica and Ivica Kostelic are resting and getting their strength back for the next season. Croatia’s leading skiers are in Selce and they will visit Crikvenica’s handball players.
Thursday, 27. March, 2003.
» Oscar for Janica?
Although Goran Ivanisevic won't get the award again, the Lauearus award better known as the Sport's Oscar, and in this case for the best come back of the year, may still stay in Croatia. Last year it went to the Croatian tennis champion and this time it could go to Janica.
Monday, 31. March, 2003.
» Janica is relaxing in Selce while Ivica is testing the gear
The news about the world's best skier is coming from Selce lately and fortunately, they have been good. Janica is recovering from the operation on her right knee.

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