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Croatian Olympic Comittee
News Archive - 01. mjesec 2003
Thursday, 02. January, 2003.
» Janica and her family started a new year with training
We have already said that Janica Kostelic and her family will celebrate New Year's Eve in Innerkrems, but the news is that they've spent their first hours of the year 2003 in their own stile-with training. While most of the people were going home and getting sober, Janica and Ivica were going training at 7 am with their father Ante.
Friday, 03. January, 2003.
» Reaching a 1000 points in Bormio
Croatian skiers will spend next weekend in Bormio where they will ski a giant slalom at Saturday and slalom at Sunday. Janica Kostelic and Ana Jelusic will race in the giant slalom and the slalom, but Nika Fleiss will only race in the slalom.
Saturday, 04. January, 2003.
» Janica’s fall took her victory
Unfortunately, Janica Kostelic didn’t finish the giant slalom race in Bormio. The world’s best skier fell a few gates before the finish line and left us in doubt whether this, until now, perfectly skied race will be enough for her firs giant slalom victory in her career. Fortunately, the fall and hit in the commercial board didn’t leave her with harder consequences.
» Janica starts 2nd at her birthday
At Sunday's slalom in Bormio, Janica Kostelic is racing with a starting number 2.
» Janica Kostelic crashed on her way to victory in GS
After an impressive series of top-3 finishes, Janica Kostelic failed to end the demanding giant slalom in Bormio won by Switzerland’s World Champion Sonja Nef. The triple Olympic Champion who clocked the second best time in the first run, only 40/100 behind the defending GS World Cup Champion, crashed in the last gates of the final run while aiming for a clear new best time.
Sunday, 05. January, 2003.
» Janica won the slalom in Bormio!
Some thought that Janica Kostelic will not performe in slalom race in Bormio, they said that the fall in the giant slalom race was a great shock, and she also suffered from a minor concoction and a swollen thumb. "Yes, I had a strong headache, but you forget all about it once you get on the top of the course" said Janica. In her own stile, she showed us that she can do what ever she wants to.
» Birthday victory
Four years ago, Janica Kostelic celebrated her 17th birthday in St Anton in winning her first World Cup competition – a combined – after finishing 3rd in a slalom. This year she achieved even a greater performance in crushing her rivals in a slalom in Bormio which she won by more than two seconds! A day after her impressive crash in a giant slalom here, the triple Olympic Champion fought even harder to win her eighteenth World Cup race in her career after dominating both runs as in Semmering.
Monday, 13. January, 2003.
» Janica would have entered the 2nd run!
As a forerunner in the World cup slalom race in Bormio, Janica Kostelic had a great timing. She finished the 1st run in 55.29 seconds which was enough to be 47th and that would mean that she left 13 skiers behind by using half as much strength.
Tuesday, 14. January, 2003.
» Janica in Cortina
Janica Kostelic will stay in Cortina d'Ampezzo from Wednesday till Sunday where she will race in 4 World Cup races. She'll start with a Super-G race that was supposed to be held in Innsbruck, followed by another Super-G on Friday.
Wednesday, 15. January, 2003.
» Another top-10 for Janica Kostelic
Janica Kostelic added another top-10 place to her collection of good results in finishing 7th in Cortina d’Ampezzo where the first of two Super-G races took place by perfect weather and course conditions on the superb “Tofana” course. The triple Olympic Champion achieved a safe run down the hard course and only lost 81/100 on the winner, France’s Carole Montillet and less than three tenths on Germany’s Hilde Gerg, who came in 3rd.
» Another 36 points for Janica
Although she didn't win, Janica Kostelic was a star at Cortina d'Ampezzo. She was 7th in a Super-G race and won another 36 points in her favorite ski resort where she had her first performance in 1998 World Cup competition. Besides guarding a safe 1st place in the Overall World Cup standings, she climbed up to the 3rd place in the Super-G standings!
Thursday, 16. January, 2003.
» Janica 11th in downhill training
Janica was training downhill on Thursday in Cortina d’Ampezzo and she finished 20th. She will start 11th in Saturday’s race. “I didn’t attack as well as I can but I’m pleased, both with the training and the starting number” said Janica.
Friday, 17. January, 2003.
» With this statement I would like to address the entire Croatian, European and world's public on the occasion of the ill-intentioned and harsh attack by Croatia's weekly "Nacional" which has been forwarded to the entire world via news agencies.

I am deeply hurt and shocked by headlines about me and my family, published in the weekly, which link us to the greatest evil in the history of mankind, Nazism.
» after 7th place, Janica is now 5th
Only two days after finishing 7th in the Super-G World Cup race in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Janica improved her score in the Italian ski resort. In this Super-G race, Janica finished 5th, scored another 45 points and probably crushed every hope for another skier to win The Crystal Globe (she already has 1136 points in the Overall World Cup standings).
» Janica Kostelic improves to 5th place
Janica Kostelic reached another strong top-10 place today in the second Super-G in Cortina d’Ampezzo won by her good friend Renate Goetschl who beat Alexandra Meissnitzer by 26/100 of a second.
The triple Olympic champion missed the podium by 40/100 but she didn’t care too much about this because she didn’t try too hard to get there today. Karen Putzer, her closest rival in the Overall World Cup, only scored a few more points than her today in coming in 4th just ahead of her. Michaela Dorfmeister skied out once more and lost more ground on her as Carole Montillet, only 9th.
Saturday, 18. January, 2003.
» Janica takes more downhill points
In the 4th downhill race this season, Janica Kostelic finished 8th and gained another 36 points. She had a good and clean run with no mistakes, especially in the lower part of the course where she had the 3rd best time.
» 8th place for Janica Kostelic in Cortina downhill
Janica Kostelic reached another strong top-10 place in Cortina d’Ampezzo in the fourth downhill of the season won by her good friend Renate Goetschl, also the winner in Saturday’s Super-G.
Janica was 8th at the end of the race, lost only by a second on her and 68/100 on Michaela Dorfmeister, 3rd in this race.
Karen Putzer was 6th but the Italian didn’t gain too many points on Janica who scored her first top-10 place in the downhill here. She was 6th in the last downhill race in Lenzerheide.
Sunday, 19. January, 2003.
» 2nd place for Janica Kostelic in Cortina d’Ampezzo
Janica Kostelic concluded her Cortina d’Ampezzo week with a superb 2nd place in the most demanding giant slalom of the season won by her great rival in slalom, Sweden’s Anja Paerson. Paerson, who never won a World Cup giant slalom in her career, beat the Croat by 1,10 seconds while Italy’s Karen Putzer, the winner in Val d’Isère and Semmering, was 3rd at 1,43.
» Janica's excellent 2nd place
Janica Kostelic had another brilliant race and showed us all, that she is truly the world's best skier. After a superb 2nd run, she climbed from the 14th place to the 2nd place in a giant slalom race in Cortina d'Ampezzo! «It had happened before. Someone getting a great place in the end, after a bad timing in the 1st run» said Janica.
Tuesday, 21. January, 2003.
» Janica awarded
Janica Kostelic was once again awarded, and this time by the Croatian Olympic Federation in Vatroslav Lisinski concert hall for her achievement in the year 2002. The four time medal winner on Olympic Games in Salt Lake City is now the owner of Sportswoman of the year award, by the choice of COF.
Thursday, 23. January, 2003.
» Janica is asking fans to refrain from incidents
The world's best skier, Janica Kostelic, went to Maribor on Thursday, where she's expecting a giant slalom and a slalom race this weekend. Janica was training these two disciplines in Innerkrems for the past few days and is looking foward to the upcoming events.
Friday, 24. January, 2003.
» Starting numbers for giant slalom race in Maribor
It is settled that Janica Kostelic will have a starting number 2 in Saturday's giant slalom race in Maribor. Besides Janica, Ana Jelusic and Nika Fleiss will also be competing, and they will start with numbers 57 and 63.
Saturday, 25. January, 2003.
» Janica 17th in giant slalom, starting 5th in Sunday's slalom
On a course that loves skiers that are closer to the top, as Nika Fleiss and Ana Jelusic referred to it, Janica Kostelic was 17th. It was a giant slalom race in Maribor and Anja Paerson won, while Germany's Martina Ertl took the 3rd place, which was her best score since wining in Solden in 2000.
» Janica tiered but still finished 17th
It’s with a disappointing 17th place that Janica Kostelic ended the last giant slalom prior the World Championships in St Moritz – far behind the winner Anja Paerson. Quite a surprise after her outstanding 2nd place last week in Cortina d’Ampezzo. The triple Olympic champion lost 2, 20 seconds on the Swede in the first run. She was faster in the afternoon, but not good enough to achieve the same extraordinary comeback as in Italy. It’s quite possible that the skier from Zagreb, encouraged by thousands of fans here, begins to feel the fatigue of her intensive World Cup program. She was one of the few athletes this season to have started in all the competitions!
» Another award for Janica Kostelic
In Maribor Janica Kostelic has received an award of the European Sports Journalist’s Association for the best sportswoman in Europe in 2002.
» Janica dehydrated!
Janica Kostelic will race in the Sunday’s slalom, although she didn’t feel well all Saturday.
Sunday, 26. January, 2003.
» Another podium for Janica Kostelic
Janica Kostelic achieved another impressive performance today in the last women’s slalom prior the World Championships in St Moritz in reaching a strong 2nd place behind Sweden’s Anja Paerson despite annoying health problems. She suffered from a stomach ache all Sunday.
» Janica took the little Crystal globe
Although struggling hard for her health, Janica Kostelic achieved her 1st goal this season and theoretically won in the World Cup slalom standings. Janica confirmed her position here in Maribor by coming to the finish line 2nd even though she had infusion injections earlier this day!

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