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News Archive - 12. mjesec 2002
Sunday, 01. December, 2002.
» Janica does it four times in a row!
Four out of four! In all four of the north-american tour races so far, Janica Kostelic was always on the podium, amongst the best, and her lead in the World Cup has now grown to 142 points!
Monday, 02. December, 2002.
» Another podium for Janica Kostelic
Croatia's "wonderwoman" Janica Kostelic achieved another great performance today in the slalom at Aspen where she captured her fourth consecutive podium in two weeks.
The triple Olympic Champion, a winner here two years ago, came in 2nd in that competition, 41/100 behind Sweden's Anja Paerson while Austria's Marlies Schild reached an unexpected 3rd place thanks to an impressive second run.
Tuesday, 03. December, 2002.
» Janica trained in Canada
Three days prior to the continuation of the World Cup at Lake Louise, Janica Kostelic tested a track on Canadian soil. Janica trained downhill Tuesday night, central european time, and finished in 29. place. Downhill is the event she will be participating in on Friday and Saturday.
Wednesday, 04. December, 2002.
» Janica second in downhill as well!
After two second places, in super G and slalom, Janica Kostelic is second in downhill as well! True, it was only a training run, at Canadian Lake Louise, where the World Cup Races will be ran Friday and Saturday night. Still, this heralds great possibilities of our skier in this, quick event.
Friday, 06. December, 2002.
» Janica sixth on training, starts 25.
Janica Kostelic did her final training run at Lake Louise Thursday night (CET), where she will be racing in World Cup Downhill races on Friday and Saturday night. After a 29. place in training on Tuesday, followed by a second place on Wednesday, Janica finished sixth in her third training, 77 1/100 of a second behind the quickest skier – France’s Montillet. This means that our Snow Queen will be wearing starting number 25 tomorrow.
Saturday, 07. December, 2002.
» After the rodeo – 18.
Janica Kostelic finished 18, a second and 98 1/100 of a second behind race-winner Hilde Greb, in the first downhill event of the season, at Lake Louise in Canada. Considering this to be a fast discipline, where our skier is no favourite, this is a good result by Janica. With fresh 13 points, her advantage in the overall standings of the World Cup is now 143 points over Hilda Greg.
Sunday, 08. December, 2002.
» Janica 39 1/100 of a second short of the podium in downhill
In her penultimate race on the American continent, Janica Kostelic confirmed her form. With almost no training in this event, Janica won ninth place in the Lake Louise downhill! With only 39 1/100 of a second between her and the winner’s podium!
Monday, 09. December, 2002.
» To end with – seventh place
In the final race of the American tour of the World Cup, Janica Kostelic won seventh place at the Lake Louise super G. Again, she scored a major success and added fresh points to her total. Janica will be bringing a 128 point lead to Europe, ahead of the second placed Montillet.
Wednesday, 11. December, 2002.
» Janica starts ninth
Janica Kostelic will be starting ninth in the Val d’Isere giant slalom race. This will be the first World Cup race after the American tour, that supplied Janica with a huge point difference in the overall standings.
Thursday, 12. December, 2002.
» Janica fifth in Val d’Isere
At the third giant slalom of the season, in val d’Isere, Janica Kostelic finished in a very good fifth place, 93 1/100 of a second behind race winner Karen Putzer. With those points Janica remains the leader of the World Cup, even if the second-placed Italian managed to decrease her point lead to 160 points.
» Satisfying 5th place for Janica Kostelic

Janica Kostelic reached a strong 5th place today in the first race in Val d'Isère, the giant slalom won by Italy's Karen Putzer ahead of Sonja Nef. She was already 5th in the first run and aiming for another spot on the podium, yet Austria's Michaela Dorfmeister and Alexandra Meissnitzer, two former winners here, passed her thanks to their very aggressive second run.
Friday, 13. December, 2002.

Janica 14. in Super G
At the third super G of the season, at Val d’Isere (FRA), Janica Kostelic finished 14. Janica lagged 1.32 seconds behind race-winner, France’s Montillet. This put Montillet in second place in overall cup standings, 84 points behind Janica.
Saturday, 14. December, 2002.
» Another quiet day for Janica Kostelic in Sestriere
Janica Kostelic easily qualified herself for the second round of the new “KO” slalom introduced for the first time this season on the World Cup Tour.The Croatian Superstar, a three-time winner here from in 1999 and 2000, set he fourth best time in the first run won by Switzerland’s Sonja Nef ahead of last year’s winner Anja Paerson from Sweden.
Sunday, 15. December, 2002.
» Janica through the qualifier and is going up against Martina Ertl
The qualifiers for the Sestriers knock-out slalom have been run on Saturday, and Janica Kostelic is through to the second race. Janica finished fourth, 26 1/100 of a second behind Sonja Nef
» Janica fourth in the knock-out slalom
Janica Kostelic kept her lead of the World Ski Cup, even if she was not on the Sestrieres podium in her own discipline - slalom. It was a knock-out slalom, an event that makes sense to very few. Fortunately - there is only one planned for this season..
» Janica finished 4th in Sestriere
Janica Kostelic finished 4th in the first World Cup “K.O.” slalom raced today in Italy’s Sestriere where she won three times in this demanding competition. After three smooth qualification runs, the Croatian Superstar could not prevent Sweden’s Anja Paerson to win for the second consecutive time a slalom in the Italian ski resort. Paerson beat by 2/100 of a second Finland’s Tanja Poutiainen while Austria’s great talent Nicole Hosp was third.
Friday, 20. December, 2002.
» Janica finishes second in downhill training!
Janica Kostelic achieved an almost sensational result in downhill training in Lenzerheide, by winning the second place! And that is only a day after having finished 32. in the first training run!
Saturday, 21. December, 2002.
» Janica hailed as the Athlete of Europe
Janica won another of her many laurels a day ahead of her downhill race in Lenzerheide. The Association of European Sport Journalists proclaimed the world’s best skier the European Athlete of the Year!
» Janica’s best downhill ever!
She only trained downhill a few times, but she again managed to prove that she is a – wonder! Janica Kostelic finished sixth in the Lenzerheide downhill, and that is the best downhill result of her career! Not only that – she again managed to increase her point lead in the World Cup. Plus: the Saturday’s downhill is scored for the combination, a discipline where Janica reigns supreme...
» Janica 6th in women's downhill!
It’s with a superb 6th place that Janica Kostelic concluded the downhill in Lenzerheide raced by difficult weather conditions – an amazing performance considering the poor visibility that she had on her way down the course. She only missed her first downhill podium by 15/100 of a second but she beat by more than seven tenths France’s Carole Montillet, the big favorite who started just behind her.
Sunday, 22. December, 2002.
» Janica's 16th victory in her career!
Janica Kostelic achieved the 16. victory of her career at Lenzerheide today. She smiled from the winner's podium twice - in slalom as well as in combination. The world's premiere skier thus won another 240 points, bringing her to 337 points ahead of Michaela Dorfmeister! If Janica fails to win the Crystal Globe, she will cause a genuine sensation... Fear had reigned in our camp ahead of the slalom. The weather was poor, the course straight, and Janica's starting number seven.
» Double victory for Janica Kostelic!
Janica Kostelic celebrated another huge victory today in the fourth slalom of the season which she won with a lead of 1,23 seconds on her closest rival, Finland’s Tanja Poutiainen. Claudia Riegler, who achieved a strong comeback in the second run was 3rd at 1,47 seconds while Sweden’s Anja Paerson, the recent winner in Aspen and Sestriere, skied out in the second run. This allowed Janica to take over the lead in the slalom standings.
Monday, 23. December, 2002.
» Janica overwhelmingly chosen as the athlete of the year
It is difficult to remember when someone won the Sportske Novosti athlete of the year award with such a convincing majority as Janica Kostelic did this year. Along four Olympic medals and the grand Crystal Globe, there were no doubts, Janica won 412 points among 420 Croatian sports journalists taking part. Two voices went to table tennis player Tamara Boros, althletes Ivana Brkljecic and Blanka Vlasic, and karate fighter Ivana Derdic, each.
Friday, 27. December, 2002.
» Janica 3rd in the European news agency’s choice for the best sportsman of the year!
Janica Kostelic won the 3rd place in the contest for the best European sportsman of the year 2002. The world’s best skier won 148 points by European news agencies.
Saturday, 28. December, 2002.
» Janica 2nd in giant slalom in Semmering!
Janica Kostelic doesn't seem to be getting down from the winners podium. She raced her best giant slalom in the World Cup, took the 2nd place, and climbed up on the podium. She is getting very close to catching that little giant slalom's Crystal cup. It was only in Salt Lake City where she had won the golden medal, that she drove the giant slalom better than today. «This is a good course for my taste.» said Janica, after being only 37/100 seconds behind the winner, Karen Putzer.
» Another podium finish for Janica Kostelic/b>
Janica Kostelic celebrated another great result today in Semmering where she finished 2nd in the last giant slalom of the year 2002, only 37/100 of a second behind Italy’s Karen Putzer who won her third race of the year. Putzer already won a Super-G in Lake Louise and a giant slalom in Val d’Isère.
» Janica Kostelic is more than pleased by her form!
The triple Olympic champion admitted that she reached more than expected in that last giant slalom race of the 2002 year. “After the first run, I thought it would be difficult to enter among the top-3 because there were so many established specialists ahead of me but apparently I skied well too in that second run” she said after the race.
» Janica starts 2nd.
Soon after a brilliant result from the giant slalom, Janica Kostelic found out what is her starting number at Sunday’s night slalom in Semmering. It was announced that Janica will go 2nd, behind Anja Paerson. Christel Pascal will be third, and she will be followed by Laurie Pequegnot, Sonja Nef, Kristina Koznick…
Sunday, 29. December, 2002.
» Thousands of Croats celebrated a new victory
It was the 3rd time of this season and the 17th in all her career that Janica Kostelic has won in the World Cup race. Semmering have proved to her that it’s truly a goldmine, because after coming to the finish line 2nd in the giant slalom, by winning the slalom race she increased her advantage by 436 points! No doubt , Janica is becoming unreachable. She has left her number one rival, Christel Pascal, 1.11 seconds behind.
» Another win for Janica Kostelic
Croatia's superstar Janica Kostelic has once more dominated her rivals in the fifth World Cup slalom of the season raced Sunday night under floodlight in Austria's Semmering where she beat by 1,11 seconds France's Christel Pascal and by 1,78 seconds Italy's Nicole Gius who reached her first podium in a World Cup race.
Monday, 30. December, 2002.
» Janica 2nd in L'equipe's choice
It is the end of the year and the elections for the best sportsmen are all over the world media. Non of them can even think about not including Janica Kostelic. Of course everyone looks at her four Olympic medals differently, but the Snow Queen is always on top.

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