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17/01/2019 - 04:45
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Zagreb (CRO), 01.01.2014.
Janica Kostelić blog: Let's use our opportunity to be happy in 2014!
2014 is finally here. We had different plans, we were looking forward to competing on home ground in front of our Croatian fans in Zagreb/Sljeme, as we did in the past nine years, but the Mother Nature wanted it differently.

Mother Nature always has the final word when it comes to our sport, so the 10th edition of Vip Snow Queen Trophy is postponed until 2015.

And as our plans have changed, we have greeted 2014 in Innerkrems (Austria), which is our traditional New Year's Eve place when there are no competitions scheduled. Since München city event, that was suppose to happen on New Year's Day, has also had to be cancelled, we have decided to come to Innerkrems and go with our usual daily training routine. In the morning training, in the evening, after dinner - early to bed, because we have another training day ahead of us tomorrow. Just as any other day.

Zagreb slaloms are replaced by Bormio, so that will be our first race in the new calendar year. Both female and male skiers will be there, and this time I am especially looking forward to watch some ladies' World Cup slalom skiing in Bormio live as well. It's very interesting right now, with Marlies Schild back in full form. I do hope she can continue winning, beacuse Marlies is the girl from my era of ski racing, so I wish her always especially all the best and I'm soooo happy when she wins. :)

Hopefully Ivica will also improve his ski racing form in January, because so far this season he was not skiing on a very high level.

And in the end - I do hope that some snow will fall in Zagreb/Sljeme in January. So that people in Zagreb can at least do some skiing, when it was not destined for us to compete this time there. Citizens of Zagreb have a fine hill "in front of their noses", ok, it's not Kronplatz or something like that, but at this time of financial crisis it should be fine. If it's fine for us to go and do some trainings there whenever we can... :)

While we are waiting for the snow to arrive to Zagreb/Sljeme, for 2014 I will wish everybody a lots of laughter, laughter from the heart. Because, so many times we are smiling, but not sincerely and from the heart... I wish you all a lot of health, don't be greedy and just enjoy the happiness when it arrives. In lyrics from a song by our Croatian rock band Pips, Chips & Videoclips - "... happiness comes in waves". :) We just have to recognize it when it comes and then use our opportunity to be happy. And we have to believe...

I wish you all a happy and successful 2014! :)

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