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17/01/2019 - 04:49
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Zagreb (CRO), 24.12.2013.
Janica Kostelić blog: Finally home for Christmas :)
Finally back home... :) Always sooo nice to be back home, especially after being away for so long, but in this time of the year - it is even nicer.

Because we are coming home for Christmas, one of my favourite times of the year.

I just simply like that Christmas fuzz and I am looking forward to everything - family time together, decorating the Christmas tree, special and cheerful mood and - mum's cooking :)...

New Year's Eve we will be spending in Innerkrems again. We were supposed to be in Munich, but city event has been cancelled due to lack of snow, so we will be staying in our traditional "home away from home" :). For us next race is going to be home Vip Snow Queen Trophy night slalom in Zagreb/Sljeme.

I know it is warmer than we want it to be also in Zagreb, but as much as I know - we should not be having any big problems with race course conditions. People that are spending even these days working hard on the slope have 10 years of experience already, so I am sure there will be a happy end to this story.

And before we come to races on Sljeme, I wish everybody to enjoy Christmas holidays. So many people have it hard, that is what I know, they maybe have more reasons to be sad than happy, but I still wish them to forget their troubles and enjoy the "small things" during holiday time. Like mum's cooking, for example... :) You know what they say, happiness lies in small things :).

I truely wish you all a lot of love, happiness, laughter and a break from all the troubles you have. At least for this Christmas... And let it last as much as it can...

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