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18/01/2019 - 03:31
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Croatian Olympic Comittee
Zagreb (CRO), 14.11.2013.
Janica Kosteli blog: Reindeer would be worth of racing comeback :))
Levi. Season's first slalom races are in front of us. Slden opening was quite fine, two superb races as season's ouverture. And now, after a small break, from Levi on we are entering the full races rhythm.

Finland, or more precisely Lapland, is really beautiful. Interesting, different... Especially at this time of the year. Here everything looks like it's a day before Christmas, or something.... The true little snow paradise.

Even a Santa is here. I mean - the real one ;). I know, I know, so many people are laughing now and, I must admit, maybe it is childish to still believe he really exists, but I do believe that... ;) Especially since I met him in 2006, when I won the Levi race, and he has awarded me my prize ;). That was a cool experience! Even today I always cheer up instantly when I think about that. And believe me - he was real, with all of his company!

In this season Levi organizers have again come up with a new original idea for prize-giving. And for me that's the most interesting part of this year's races - as a prize for victory you get a reindeer, and you get to name it... I would even consider a comeback to ski racing for that kind of prize, hahahaha!

I don't know - this kind of "crazy" victory prizes - that was something that has motivated me even more back in my racing days ;).

I saw none of the girls training slalom for this season, so it is difficult to say what I am expecting from this first race. It's almost the same with the men. And somehow that is also good, because it will make it more interesting for me to follow this weekend's races. :) And I can't wait to see who is going to get a reindeer. I know who I am cheering for :)...

After Levi, we are coming back home to Croatia for only short period of time, just two days. And then we are off to United States where we are scheduled to do some ski trainings before Canadian Lake Louise races.

But before a trip to the States I am hoping to be able to go and watch in Zagreb live the final football 2014 World Cup qualifiers game between Croatia and Iceland. Our boys have the game on Iceland before that, so I hope they will be able to cope with expected football-untypical winter conditions. It will be more like skiing conditions there, so they are entering our territory ;). But first of all I want them to successfully survive the cold and secure their trip to Brasil... There they will have it much much warmer, just as all of us ;).

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