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16/07/2019 - 17:12
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Zagreb (CRO), 02.09.2013.
Janica Kosteli blog: Diving with whales
Summer is slowly coming to it's end, my summer vacations on island Mljet are over, just as my trip "a little bit" far away. This "little bit" far away was my visit to the Kingdom of Tonga where I went diving with whales :)

The experience was beautiful, breathtaking, just perfect by all means :) Part of the atmosphere there you can see also in my title picture, and my only regret was not being able to hug the whales :) Since they are around 40 tons heavy, that could have been potentially a little bit awkward, so I guess we are better this way ;)

After hanging around with whales, I also took some time to visit New Zealand, that has also impressed me very much. I also visited some of the alpine ski teams that were training there, and the land is really beautiful, with such beautiful landscapes that you can only just simply - enjoy. :)

While I was having my fun, Ivica was on Mljet working hard on his fitness and just in these days he is set to go skiing. I'll join him on snow a little bit later. And then we will soon have the start of the new ski season that we are all so looking forward to :)))

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