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17/01/2019 - 13:04
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Zagreb (CRO), 18.07.2013.
Janica Kosteli blog: Summer on island Mljet, then diving with whales
Hey my dearest ones... I was away for some time, just to let you to take a break from last season :) For alpine skiers there is no vacation. Or if there is, it's mostly very short.

As much as I could follow the news, I can say most of the skiers have successfully absolved their spring trainings, then they took a small break, and now they are back in their summer stint of trainings. With Ivica it's the same. We do have an olympic season ahead of us and everybody wants to be ready for it.

Our spring training session on snow we have absolved on Moelltal glacier, just to remind you if you have already forgotten :) After that Ivica underwent his knee surgery, just according to plans. So important that everything went well, surgery was even not as complicated as we have all feared. So Ivica is now already back on snow. And that's the most important thing. :)

Not only Ivica, I also had my own knee surgery this summer. Well, as I said, we do have an olympic season ahead of us, so I need to be ready. :) I am joking, of course - this what I had to do - you can call it "regular maintenance". But, I am still not on snow. I have expanded my summer vacation on island Mljet, so I'm enjoying sea, sun, fitness work, being lazy... you know - that usual daily holiday routine...

I just love Mljet, and diving is my biggest passion when I get to be here. I never have enough of that diving thing. And this three weeks always seem not enough for everything I want to do. Of course, I am not in the water all of the time. There is always room for some good book. Right now I am reading some martial arts based books, which can really be applied to general life and things we have to cope with every day well. Most pleasure I still get from just enjoying this perfect Adriatic sea though.

Soon I am leaving Mljet and Croatia, and I am taking a looooong trip to, believe it or not, go diving with whales. :) Last year I was diving with white sharks in Australia. And this year I plan an even bigger challenge for myself. :)

So I am off to take a swim, "stretch" my knee a little bit and just enjoy myself right now. And until my new blog entry I wish everybody a wonderful summer holidays as well...

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