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17/01/2019 - 04:42
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Croatian Olympic Comittee
Lenzerheide (SUI), 14.03.2013.
Janica Kosteli blog: Memories and Lenzerheide
Life is always interesting, you really never know what plans it has for you, what "script" is written exactly for you...

When life takes something from you, it always also gives something new back. And for me Lenzerheide is exactly the place of confirmation for this theory. Eight years ago I lost my big Crystal Globe here to Anja, and Ivica has won the same Globe here in 2011. And that is not all. He won it with exactly the same number of points with which I have lost mine - with 1.356 points! I lost my Globe with a difference of only three (!) points. :) So what was enough amount of points for Ivica, wasn't enough for me. Miraculous game of numbers :)

And that is why, every time I come here, I have only nice memories. Despite me losing my big Crystal Globe. Just beacuse - at that point in my career I was more than happy with my 2nd place overall. And life has given us everything back later anyways... :)

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