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23/02/2019 - 02:41
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FIS Ski Federation

Croatian Olympic Comittee
Schladming (AUT), 05.02.2013.
Janica Kosteli blog: Wish Ivica overtakes me in victories too
I love January, I love Russia, I love sea, I love Zagreb, I love Rijeka... I love Croatia :) That could easily be the summary of this blog post, but... let's go from the start. From January.

Month of January brings us regularly, at least in the last few years, a lot of joy. It is the month of the Zagreb/Sljeme's Vip Snow Queen Trophy, and it is the month of big 'classics' of the men's World Cup tour such as Adelboden, Wengen, Kitzbhel. And our state of mind can be well described by my title picture, but also by this YouTube video. From 0 to 60 km/h in 2.84 sec.! So who needs a Porsche... :)

But Ivica really likes those courses. And he makes such great results there. It was the same this year. We are all really proud of him - me especially since he has managed to overtake me in the total number of FIS Ski World Cup winners' podium placings. Now I am just waiting for him to overtake me in the total number of World Cup victories as well... :)

One of those 57 winners' podium placings so far was achieved by Ivica in breathtaking Moscow. Moscow is really such a beautiful city. Last year I was already in Russia, when we were 'testing' future olympic ski courses in Sochi. And even back then I sort of instantly fell in love with Russia. And now Moscow, wow... Really beautiful experience. And men and ladies were also competing together there, so I also got a chance to see some ladies' World Cup skiing after a while... And for the Russia - I will definitely come back for a longer tourist trip. I want to get to know Russia better, the whole country. Ok, not the whole country, it is a little bit too big :), but some more parts of it - most definitely. I just simply love Russians and their 'I don't touch you, you don't touch me' mentality. :)

After the thrills of Moscow I also got a chance to catch a few days home in Rijeka before World Ski Championships in Schladming. And that was also cool. I got to go to my dear friend Ana's wedding, and I enjoyed some beautiful sea views as well. Coming home back to Rijeka is always refreshing for me, and a very nice break during the season. And this season isn't over yet, we still have a lot of job to do. With World Ski Championships ahead, I really hope that the organizers will be able to bring the whole programme through, because the weather forecast for the first week isn't that favourable. Of course, me and especially Ivica - we are always confronted with questions such as "What are your goals for the Championships?". And the answer is simple - we just want to have fun, and do some fine skiing if possible aside from that. :) So we'll see where we'll stand after the competitions...

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