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17/01/2019 - 04:49
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FIS Ski Federation

Croatian Olympic Comittee
Kitzbhel (AUT), 25.01.2013.
Janica Kosteli blog: It's so nice when Ivica writes history :)
Hey... Here we are in Kitzbhel, another ski resort that we have good memories of.

After Zagreb we traditionally went to Adelboden, then Wengen. And we are very happy with our results. This month of January is, kind of, always very good to us, so in 2013 it has again started well. Although exhausting it was very exciting in Switzerland, and it got even more special when Ivica broke the history record of the most winners' podium places reached by single skier at one venue of the men's World Cup.

In 2013 Ivica got his own chairlift cabin in Wengen as well. And I got a chance to be helicopter flown to the press conference - a special privilege for winners' podium racers in Wengen. As you can see, every year Ivica is so nice to take me with him as well :)

Somehow this January is really full of nice things... Tina Maze also made it very special. Joining us few ladies' in 'club 5' (ladies with World Cup victories in all 5 alpine disciplines). And the way she skis this year - it was just a question of time when she would do it. So I just have to say one more time - well done Tina!

So with Kitzbhel we conclude this 'traditional' part of the men's World Cup season. And then we are headed to Moscow. Another city event awaits us. Looking forward to that very much...

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