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18/01/2019 - 09:49
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Zagreb (CRO), 10.01.2013.
Janica Kosteli blog: The years are flying by, but Sljeme is not changing
Another year of racing at Sljeme is over. When I think that this was the ninth one and that next year we’ll be looking at the tenth anniversary, I wonder how it’s possible that time flies so fast?

When I see young Mikaela, the new Queen, and remember my own age... Oh, well, let’s not discuss age here :)

Here I’d like to discuss another great Vip Snow Queen Trophy races edition and everyone who made it that way...

Let me start with Mikaela Shiffrin. The kid is really great. Her skiing and her way of thinking about skiing are really impressive and interesting. I’m glad that she gets to wear the red slalom leader's bib, which she had been so happy to get in Are only to lose it in Semmering, after Zagreb again.

In general, after this race and after everything I’ve seen here, I can say that ladies’ skiing – it’s slalom I’m talking about – has moved on to another level. The girls have made some great progress and it really makes me happy.

When it comes to the guys, there’s no avoiding Marcel Hirscher and his skiing. He’s got such a fascinating ability to find a way out of impossible situations and serious errors on the slope that it amazes me. He returns to the right position quickly without losing anything, he’s very agile, and I also like his mental strength very much. I’ve really got to hand it to him.

I’m also glad about Myhrer because that man has his head screwed on straight.

Ivica? Well, he had the opportunity to achieve more, but didn’t manage to put the whole of his abilities to work. Be that as it may, I’m in any case satisfied :)

I’m also satisfied with how our race of legends – “dm Zagreb Ski Legends” charity race has gone this year. We’ve had such good fun. It was a party more than it was a race, really, and I hope the spectators had as much fun as we did. I “dropped” a glove and my pole again ;) As Anchy Bananchy (Ana Jelui) would put it, I hope we’ve finally put an end to this curse of the pole at Sljeme and made everything right again ;)

I know some of you’ll say I’m getting boring with all this talk about supporters, but I must talk about them again because they’re a story of their own. They’ve been truly brilliant. It’s amazing how heartily they supported everyone. Of course, there was a difference in tonality when it was Ivica’s turn, but I was thrilled at how they supported everyone so heartily and so beautifully. The people are amazingly friendly and there was no skier, male or female, who was not amazed by their support. There’s a world of difference between Sljeme and the other slopes, and I’ve really seen my fair share of those, haven’t I? ;) I think we’re generally very good at supporting, not just in skiing, but in all other sports too, be it football, basketball or handball... I somehow get the impression supporting is the sport we’re the best at :)

I’d also like to thank all the workers, volunteers and everyone else who’s made their contribution to making the race at Sljeme happen. I hope their loved ones understood their prolonged absences for all these days and have forgiven them for it. Again, we wouldn’t have made it without their help...

With Sljeme still on our mind, we’re going ahead. Adelboden is next, and then the “chaos” in January. January is always very hard for us both physically and mentally because we’re looking at races that have a major tradition, such as Kitzbuehel and Wengen, and they’re always interesting... I hope they’ll be as interesting for you as they’ll be for us :)

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