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17/01/2019 - 13:03
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Zagreb (CRO), 27.12.2012.
Janica Kosteli blog: My Christmas
I‘ve been away for a while now but I guess everyone has gone Christmas crazy by now, something all of us can relate to perfectly. Now add to that coming home just a few days before Christmas, after two months of being away… :)

Still, I’ve managed to do it all; I’ve been to my hairdresser and done all those other feminine things that are essential to all us girls out there :)

Naturally, there was something that was more important than anything else. I always look forward to Christmas and then it comes and goes in what seems a second. And it always leaves me wishing it could last just a little bit longer... Is it the same with you too? :)

This year was no different, which, I guess, is the best thing about it. On Christmas Eve my dad and Ivica went to get us a Christmas tree, while mum made fritule (fried doughnut-like pastries) and all those other delicacies and tidbits. I, on the other hand, was in charge of decorating the Christmas tree, as usual. Check the photo to see how (not) well I did. My family was satisfied with the result and I was especially pleased with what was waiting for me under the tree. Santa Claus had finally decided I should get decent equipment for my hobby. I just love taking photos and the gift left me in complete shock! Perhaps now I will use my phone a little less seeing as I have been given a slightly better “gadget” :)

That very night my Dad and Ivica left for Innerkrems so Ivica could do a training session on the morning of St. Stephen’s Day. Training on Sljeme’s Crveni Spust course won’t be possible for the next two days and this warm spell hasn’t helped the conditions atop Sljeme either. Fortunately, it hasn’t brought the Vip Snow Queen races into question and that’s the most important thing. I only feel sorry for the people preparing the course as they will have more work now but I don’t doubt they will do a great job of it, as always.

We will once again return to Zagreb before we head off to Munich for the race. I’m looking forward to that as I will get the chance to see some of my dear friends that I’ve missed on Christmas. I’m also happy as we will once again skip the Bormio race. I have to admit I’m not particularly fond of the Bormio race – not only because it is so far away but also because it is totally impractical to have a race between Christmas and New Year’s Day. It takes four days out of your schedule that one could use to take a breather and get away for a while. At least from the races…

I’m off now to the trainings in Innerkrems. Soon afterwards I’ll be back in Zagreb, then head off to Innerkrems again, only to leave for Munich and be back in Zagreb again… Yes, you get it, it will be an interesting schedule until the Vip Snow Queen races. See you there! :)

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