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19/01/2019 - 06:16
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Alta Badia (ITA), 16.12.2012.
Janica Kosteli blog: Ivica and his knee like finger and fingernail
Hi everybody. I am away just for few days, and so many things happen... Unfortunately, this time not quite the good things, but that's life and I am sure that soon there are many good news that will follow.

Natko has unfortunately underwent left shoulder surgery, although to us, at first, his injury appeared like not such a bad one. But now the most important thing is that he recovers well so that in the future he can have no further shoulder problems and so that he can normally get ready for the 2013/14 olympic ski season. Now the olympic season comes into primary focus ;).

Ivica has again, as you know, started having problems with his knee. But, you know, he and his knee - they are like finger and fingernail. Or, to be more precise - skiing and knee are like finger and fingernail - once you go through a serious knee injury, for your further skiing that is somehow a never ending story. Every job, all the things in this world have their positive and their negative sides - skiing is just one of those things. Fortune and misfortune are just like neighbours, so they say :) I hope for Ivica that from now on 'Lady Luck' will be a little bit more by his side...

Before coming back home to Croatia, we still have two more races in technical disciplines. We want to do well in those races, but even more - we want for them to end as quickly as they can so we can head home. We really miss home, because we are away for so long. And also - Christmas is coming and we have so many nice things to anciously await... Like our mom's cooking, so many nice Croatian Christmas traditions. And besides all - we should be able to do ski trainings at home! Can it even get better than that? :)

I just hope that it will not be too warm when we get back. Vip Snow Quen Trophy organizers do not need additional problems at this stage, since the course in Zagreb/Sljeme is now almost ready for the World Cup slalom races. For all the Vip Snow Queen Trophy competitors and fans we would like this event to turn into a true winter fairy tale :).

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