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18/01/2019 - 03:28
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FIS Ski Federation

Croatian Olympic Comittee
Lake Louise (CAN), 24.11.2012.
Janica Kosteli blog: Nothing new in Lake Louise!
First off, here’s an image for you (title image). And I won’t give you any explanations or theories on why I’m here. You know that already :)

The reason is skiing, of course! :)

We are in Canada right now. Our white circus will finally kick off in the true meaning of the word. After the initial race in Soelden and another visit to Santa in Levi (it’s always cool to see him), as of this weekend in Lake Louise we will be competing continuously.

I cannot say how many times we have already been here; yet almost nothing has changed. What is different is the fact that it is unusually warm for Canada. When I think of the winters that used to welcome us here, it is nonetheless a small change.

The thing that definitely has not changed is the fact that we are back here for Ivica’s birthday. That has already become a tradition. He’ll be 33 this year but, as in the past, there will be no celebrations. We usually mark the occasion by giving him a cake at dinner, some small gifts, and that’s it. Right now, there is simply no time to celebrate; we’ll have more time later...

The race is in the morning. It is the first downhill this season. Ivica and Natko will be at the start. Hopefully the weather will remain this good. And the fast skis will “obey” them well this season…

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