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18/01/2019 - 03:32
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FIS Ski Federation

Croatian Olympic Comittee
Zagreb (CRO), 06.02.2008.
All ready for the "Vip Snow Queen Trophy 2008"
In today's press conference, the organizers of the FIS WC "Vip Snow Queen Trophy" alpine slalom events in Zagreb/Sljeme (CRO) have informed the public about the final preparations for the event.

Tickets for the Sljeme FIS WC slalom races:
18 000 tickets for the ladies', 18 000 tickets for the men's slalom & HYPO Zagreb Ski Legends race available. The ticket price for ladies' slalom 100 HRK, for the men's slalom 150 HRK. Package for both days/all 3 races (joined ticket): 180 HRK. Free entrance for children under 7, children 7 to 15 - price: 40 HRK for ladies' slalom, 60 HRK for men's slalom & HYPO Zagreb Ski Legends race, 75 HRK package for both days/all 3 races. Selling of the tickets: Vip centres, Generalturist. Ticket zones: A - red, B - blue (arrival from the City of Zagreb), C - green (arrival from Stubicke Toplice).

Starting time for the races:
Friday, 15 February 2008:
15.00 h ladies' WC slalom 1st run
18.00 h ladies' WC slalom 2nd run

Sunday, 17 February 2008:
10.15 h men's WC slalom 1st run
13.15 h men's WC slalom 2nd run
17.00 h "HYPO Zagreb Ski Legends" charity race

TV coverage, media:
10 television networks to broadcast the events live, the TV network in charge for the sending of the TV signal from Zagreb/Sljeme: HTV (18,5 h of live coverage alltogether planned). About 450 journalists alltogether expected.

HYPO Zagreb Ski Legends charity race - participants on the race:
Janica Kostelic, Alberto Tomba, Marc Girardelli, Ingemar Stenmark, Stefan Eberharter, Bojan Krizaj, Franz Klammer, Gnter Mader, Thomas Sykora, Hilde Gerg, Finn Christian Jagge, Jure Kosir, Armin Bittner...

Ban Jelacic Square Zagreb (main Zagreb square):
14 - 17 February - big stage and video wall.
14 February - 19:00 h - start numbers draw (ladies' slalom); after that: "Vip Snow Queen Valentine's Day" - concert by Severina Vuckovic
16 February - 18:45 h - start numbers draw (men's slalom); after that: "Vip Snow Queen Hot Soul Night" - international concert by The Supremes & The Temptations
15 and 17 February, at the time of the races - live coverage; 15 February - between two ladies' slalom runs, after watching the race - "Red Bull Snowmobile Show"

Snow situation on Sljeme's Crveni spust race course:
without any problems, "green light" for the races confirmed by the FIS delegates - races definitely to take place.
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