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19/01/2019 - 02:13
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FIS Ski Federation

Croatian Olympic Comittee
Zagreb (CRO), 13.10.2006.
Snow Queen Trophy 2007 organization fully underway, Snow King Trophy coming to Zagreb/Sljeme in 2008
Chairmen of the Croatian Ski Association and of the Organization Committee of Snow Queen Trophy 2007 slalom race, have yesterday held a press conference in Zagreb, informing the media representatives about organization details connected to the third edition of this top sports event.

On press conference, held in The Westin Zagreb Hotel, it has been said that this third edition of Ladies' FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup night slalom race in Zagreb/Sljeme, should also again be the best one so far.

In season 2006/07. Snow Queen Trophy slalom race should take place on January 4th, 2007, for the first time without competition presence of the three times overall FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup winner Janica Kosteli, that will though still be present on the race, as forrunner and as a hostess of the event.

Also worth mentioning is definitelly the fact that, after October FIS meetings in Zrich (SUI), the Croatian organizers have the confirmation of the Snow King Trophy day time Men's slalom race of the FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup coming to Zagreb/Sljeme in 2008! The Croatian organizers will then have a chance to host both world's best female and male alpine ski racers in technical disciplines in Zagreb, just in a period of few days.

According to plans, the Snow Queen Trophy 2008 slalom race should take place on February 15th, 2008, with the Snow King Trophy in it's first edition following only two days after, on February 17th, 2008.

Such a decision is to be taken as final confirmation of great organization level, that has already been shown and recognized in first two editions of Zagreb's Ladies' night slalom.

The cheapest spectators' ticket prize of 100 HRK will for the Snow Queen Trophy 2007, for the first time, also involve free food and drink on Sljeme. The organizers expect on January 4th still a great number of spectators, with Croatia's top 15 slalom ladies Nika Fleiss and Ana Jelui, and with youngsters Matea Ferk and probably Sofija Novoseli competing on the race. And taking also into consideration the fact, that Snow Queen Trophy is still to remain in the league of the top sports events in Croatia generally.

On yesterday's press conference Mr. Vedran Pavlek, the director of Croatia's national alpine ski team, informed the media that Janica Kosteli is planning to be present as a spectator both on the opening races of 2006/07 FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup in Slden (AUT), and on FIS Alpine Skiing World Championships in Aare (SWE), in February 2007.

A few words were said also about the plans of Croatian skiers in ski season 2006/07. Ivica Kosteli will so focus on his performance for the 2007 FIS Alpine Skiing World Chmapionships, aiming at slalom and combined medals there. He'll also participate on most FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup supercombined and slalom events, and after hopefully reaching the «magical» goal of 400 points, that would give him better start numbers, also on few giant slalom, super G or downhill events in 2007 World Cup.

In most of the World Cup races he will be joined by Croatia's B ski team racer Natko Zrni-Dim, and according to opportunity and current form, maybe also by other Croatian B ski team racers, such as Dalibor amal, Ivan Ratki, Tin iroki or Danko Marinelli.

In Ladies' competiton, with Janica Kosteli taking a break, the biggest expections go in the direction of Nika Fleiss and Ana Jelui, that will in some World Cup races be joined by Croatia's female B team members, Matea Ferk and Sofija Novoseli.
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