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23/02/2019 - 02:41
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Croatian Olympic Comittee
KO Slalom, Sestriere (ITA), 15.12.2002.
Janica fourth in the knock-out slalom
Janica Kostelic kept her lead of the World Ski Cup, even if she was not on the Sestrieres podium in her own discipline - slalom. It was a knock-out slalom, an event that makes sense to very few. Fortunately - there is only one planned for this season..

Our skier, having passed the qualifiers on Saturday, conquered her two knock-out adversaries, Martina Ertl, followed by Sarah Schleter, and having reached the top-10 finals, finished fourth, only 17 1/100 of a second behind race-winner Anja Paerson.
- I watch these 1/100 of a second and can't believe my luck. Only 17 1/100 of a second behind the winner, one 1/100 of a second from the podium... I guess it'll have to work for me, eventually - complained Janica Kostelic, in a good mood nevertheless, after the three races.
- I am very satisfied with this fourth place, I can't always be first. And I didn't like this slalom anyway - on a half a minute track you've got to go down head-first, and that's not me. Maybe I should attack more, but the say I race is my way of skiing - said Janica.
The world's premiere skier knocked out Martina Ertl in the first round, leaving her 28 1/100 behind. There was not much doubt against America's Sarah Schleter either - 25 1/100 of a second was the difference. In the finals, three skiers were faster than Janica, led by Sweden's Paerson, who approached Janica at 12 points in the overall slalom standings. But the grand globe, the overall winner of the World Cup globe, is still safely withing Janica's hands...
- I feel tired, after all, I'm the only skier that races in all four events, and all this travel is wearing me out - concluded Janica.
Our skier will be in Sestrieres until Wednesday, when she is leaving for Lenzerheide, where she will race in downhill and slalom. The "normal" slalom variety where Janica is - queen.

Sestrieresu Slalom Raca Results:
1. Anja Paerson (Sweden) 38.03,
2. Tanja Poutiainen (Finland) 38.05,
3. Nicole Hosp (Austria) 38.19,

World Cup Slalom Standings:
1. JANICA KOSTELIC 230 points,
2. Anja Paerson 218,
3. Christel Pascal (France) 151...

World Cup Overall Standings:
2. Carole Montillet (France) 401,
3. Karen Putzer (Italy) 343...
61. NIKA FLEISS 26...

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