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18/01/2019 - 03:31
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FIS Ski Federation

Croatian Olympic Comittee
KO Slalom, Sestriere (ITA), 15.12.2002.
Janica through the qualifier and is going up against Martina Ertl
The qualifiers for the Sestriers knock-out slalom have been run on Saturday, and Janica Kostelic is through to the second race. Janica finished fourth, 26 1/100 of a second behind Sonja Nef

There will be three more races on Sunday, and 30 skiers have qualified for those. 15 pairs have been formed, and the rules state that the competition takes on the knock-out format from here on. The first round will give us 18 best: 15 winners and three best defeated skiers, the number soon brought down to top-10.
Janica’s adversary in the second round is Martina Ertl, who finished 27. in the qualifiers.
- I don’t like this short course, and it’s going to get worse on Sunday – even shorter – said Janica after the race.
Unfortunately, Nika Fleiss and Ana Jelusic did not qualify for Sunday’s race.
The first knock-out race will be on Sunday, and points will be awarded as in normal races.

Slalom qualifier results:
1. Sonja Nef (Switzerland) 45.57,
2. Anja Paerson (Sweden) 45.73,
3. Laurie Pequegnot (France) 45.76,
32. NIKA FLEISS (CROATIA) 47.89...
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