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17/01/2019 - 04:44
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FIS Ski Federation

Croatian Olympic Comittee
Rijeka (CRO), 31.03.2006.
Slalom titles to Janica and Ivica too
Today on Platak, final slalom race of National Championship was held.

Not surprising, Janica and Ivica Kosteli, as they did in Giant slalom and Super-G, won first places in slalom. In men competition Dalibor amal won 2nd place, and Natko Zrni Dim finished 3rd.

In ladies competition, neither Nika Fleiss (recovery from knee operation) nor Ana Jelui (inflamation of neck nerve) competed. So, the 2nd and 3rd places were won by Sofija Novoseli, who by finishing 6th made an excellent result, and Matea Ferk who finished 10th.

Results, women:
1. KOSTELIC Janica (CRO) 1:56.71
2. LOLOVIC Jelena (SCG) 1:59.06
3. PERSYN Karen (BEL) 2:00.23
6. NOVOSELIC Sofija (CRO) 2:01.91
10. FERK Matea (CRO) 2:05.13
17. VUCINIC Ana-Maria (CRO) 2:06.53
24. KOSTIC Lana (CRO) 2:14.53
27. PEROZIC Ana (CRO) 2:25.14
28. PAPUCIC Petra (CRO) 2:26.11

Results, men:
1. KOSTELIC Ivica (CRO) 1:49.25
2. SAMSAL Dalibor (CRO) 1:50.97
3. ZRNCIC-DIM Natko (CRO) 1:51.61
6. MARINELLI Danko (CRO) 1:54.30
10. OLIVARI Ivan (CRO) 1:55.01
15. KAUCIC Jon-Christopher (CRO) 1:57.36
20. DIEL-ZADRO Luka (CRO) 2:02.30
23. HENICH Alen (CRO) 2:03.23
24. RATKIC Domagoj (CRO) 2:04.94
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