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19/01/2019 - 06:17
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FIS Ski Federation

Croatian Olympic Comittee
Super G, Val d'Isere (FRA), 13.12.2002.

Janica 14. in Super G
At the third super G of the season, at Val d’Isere (FRA), Janica Kostelic finished 14. Janica lagged 1.32 seconds behind race-winner, France’s Montillet. This put Montillet in second place in overall cup standings, 84 points behind Janica.

The Val d’Isere course was very dangerous, and only five of the first ten skiers completed the race. Italy’s Patricia Bassis got the worst of it, the race being stopped for half an hour after her crash. All the following skiers raced much more carefully, granting an immense advantage to Montillet. Unreachable by the other skiers, and our Janica as well.
- I was 12. here last year. I am content, things could’ve gone worse. Although, they could have gone better as well... I just can’t attack, Montillet went down head-long, I can’t do that... I try to attack, but it’s not that easy – said Janica after the race.
Considering that nine skiers fell, 14. place of our dive needs to be seen in that light as well. So must the fact that fresh 18 points kept her in the lead of the cup, which is something to be pleased about.
- I don’t ass up points before or after the race, I read that. I have already stressed that my great advantage is that I race in all four events. Alhtough, that won’t help me either if I go on skiing like a cow! – joked Janica.
The ladies will be racing in a knockout slalom in Sestriers (ITA) on Friday. After qualifiers, which begin at 14hrs, the top 30 will have fought their way into the Sunday race. That is when Janica will know the name of her oponent, whom she must defeat on Sunday to get into round two. The top ten skiers will be racing in a total of four races
- All is pretty confused, we don’t exactly know how to ski this. And the courses are short, which is also not good – said Janica.
But, short or long course, slalom is her event. And a real opportunity to prove that 84 points in overall cup standings are – not enough of a difference.

Val d'Isereu super G results:
1. Carole Montillet (France) 1:07.46,
2. Daniela Ceccarreli (Italy) 1:07.69,
3. Michaela Dorfmeister (Austria) 1:07.74...

Super G World Cup Standings:
1. Carole Montillet 178 points,
2. Karen Putzer (Italy) 176,
3. Michaela Dorfmeister 141...

World Cup Overall Standings:
2. Carole Montillet 401,
3. Karen Putzer 343...
61. NIKA FLEISS 26...

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