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17/01/2019 - 04:47
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FIS Ski Federation

Croatian Olympic Comittee
Torino (ITA), 14.02.2006.
Interview with Janica Kostelic
In the afternoon of Monday’s second training run in which she came a far 16th at 2,34 seconds behind the winner, Janica Kostelic met with a group of journalists in the Croatian House at Sestriere to go over her plans. Here some of the answers of the current leader of the Overall World Cup standings.

How do you feel right now?
"I feel tired today, it’s probably the after effects of the flue I had ten days ago. Besides this, it’s also really tough to train in several disciplines like I do. To give you an example, these past days, I had to choose between having a proper lunch or train slalom in the afternoon. It takes me so much time to eat that I prefer not to loose a single minute on the snow. They close the slopes at 4.30, so I have to run from San Sicario, where the downhill training run is taking place, to Montgenèvre where I train slalom.”

“Right after this intense program, I have to rest, and there is nothing left from my day. There is no way that I can do something else than skiing and training in this moment. I don’t even have time to go to the gym or even to go out for a walk. I don’t like it when the day flies by like this because I don’t have the time to live.”

“I’m not complaining about the organisation or the schedule which is really strict, it’s just that when you’re skiing in all events, you don’t have the same life as a racer who only competes in giant slalom for example.

How do you like the course?
Janica: “The conditions are awesome. At least the Italians know how to prepare nice course, and that’s the most important for the racers.”

“I was really surprised by the snow which I didn’t expect to be so hard, and also I didn’t imagine that there would be no speed at all, even if it’s a little aggressive. The jumps are not too high, but the way I like them. I have the feeling that the slope is perfect.”

“I was quite satisfied with yesterday’s training run, even if I didn’t push so much, as I usually do on the first day. Today the course wasn’t too bumpy, but there‘s nothing special to talk about besides the four crashes which I didn’t see. I don’t really understand why there were so many accidents today, because the conditions were the same than yesterday. It was not faster, the times are more or less the same and the snow too. Maybe a little more aggressive…”

How was your run?
Janica: “Personally, I didn’t ski well the lower part, but the upper part was ok. The main problem is that I can’t find an ideal line. And I don’t understand the reason. I have to change some turns. That’s why we have three training runs, so each day you can try something else, with yourself, and also with your material if you need to.”

How do you feel about the first race and which is your strongest event so far?
Janica: “I’m looking forwards to the first race day, even if I don’t know what will happen on Wednesday. I don’t want to think about it and also about all what is surrounding me. I’m calm now, but I think that if I change my strategy and analyse, it will hurt me and ruin my concept. I feel good and I don’t want to know whether I’m stronger in downhill or in slalom... I think I’m the favourite in cross country!”

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