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17/01/2019 - 04:44
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FIS Ski Federation

Croatian Olympic Comittee
Ofterschwang (GER), 05.02.2006.
Fifth season win for Janica Kostelic!
Another great day in Janica Kostelic’s career - first slalom win this season and victories in all five alpine disciplines during the same winter!

"I wanted to do something very good today and finish my weekend in Ofterschwang on a good note. My victory in slalom is not only important because it’s the first of the discipline this season, but also because I’m one of the World Cup happy few’s skiers as Petra Kronberger on that special list of champions having won in all disciplines in the same season."

"I think that it’s something pretty original. But I have to admit that I didn’t think about it at all. The Croatian press told me about that statistic when I was in the finish line."

"I was concentrated on something else. Especially after my bad day in the second giant slalom yesterday. It was such a pain for me to ski that first run Friday. I had some problems with my skis also. I think that if I’m not able to qualify for the second run, it means a lot!"

"It didn’t happen to me so often. Yesterday was apparently only the sixth times in my carrier that I didn’t take part in a second run. After the second giant slalom I was not having so much self confidence."

Going at the beach!

"I rested a lot yesterday, and I got back some energy. I needed it to try skiing in better conditions in today’s slalom. I felt really weak and I can’t wait to stop this life for a few days. I am having fever these past days, and to race with 38C is not the best way to win. But I think that I was able to go beyond myself one more time."

"At the start today I was only thinking about my days off. I told myself in order to encourage me that there was only one last race separating me from being on holidays. That was such an exciting feeling! I go home first and then I’ll go to the Croatian coast in Selce, where I usually take a nice break before the big events. I’ll also be training a little bit, but above all I’ll take advantage of the beach and the sun with my brother Ivica."

"Of course, I was also focused on my race! In the second run, I so much pleasure to ski, at least we had some real slalom turns. It wasn’t the case in the first run, where the gates were too opened. It also started to be bumpy at some points. I knew that in the second run, some girls were having problems in the last part. I made a big change to ski the way I wanted. I had some problems, but that’s normal. So I didn’t know whether I was fast, but I didn’t stop doing my best, and it paid off."

"I’m relaxed now. The last race before the Olympics is behind me. I can start thinking at something else. Of course, I’ll like to win medals in the coming weeks at the Olympic Games, but my main goal is to ski my best there."

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