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18/01/2019 - 03:33
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FIS Ski Federation

Croatian Olympic Comittee
St. Moritz (SUI), 21.01.2006.
Another podium for Janica Kostelic
After finishing 15th in Friday’s Super-G, Janica Kostelic fought back in the downhill which she ended at the solid 3rd place behind Michaela Dorfmeister and Renate Goetschl. She only lost 19/100 of a second on the winner! It’s her fourth podium in downhill on the World Cup tour. Anja Paerson came in 7th allowing Dorfmeister to reinforce her 2nd place in the Overall World Cup standings with a delay on 128 points on Janica.

The skier from Zagreb was rather pleased with her performance. « I had a very good run today. What can I really say - except that I’m really happy about this downhill? I’m on the podium one more time, and that’s so important. It wasn’t so easy because we only had on single training run. And the snow conditions were not the best. As we all know I always say that to race downhill is much easier than the Super-G because you can race on the same slope up to three times before the race. It wasn’t the case here, but still I was able to ski very well.”

“I knew that there was only one thing to do today and it was to through me into the slope. And that’s exactly what I did. And I’ll do exactly the same tomorrow for the combined because now I know how to react with this slope. I’m really looking forwards to tomorrow’s race. It’s the first Super combined of the season and I feel very good.”

“The downhill was not so difficult, and the speed wasn’t really high. It was more a technical race. It’s good that we have so many different types of downhill during the season, so we can always experience something else. It’s funny because each year I come here and race, I find another slope. There is always something which is different. It’s not so easy to compare it.

This year the new thing was the last jump.”

More and more confident

“I’m more and more consistent in the speed events and I confirm from race to race my strong level. I’m really satisfied because I had some problems at the beginning of the season and I couldn’t figure out what was happening. I have the feeling that everything is pretty over now and that I feel comfortable.”

“Of course, it’s a pity for the Super-G yesterday but I couldn’t race the way I wanted. I was really confused and I didn’t know which decision to take and which tactic to adopt. I didn’t want to take any risks after I saw the girls skiing out.”

“Being on the podium with Michaela Dorfmeister is something incredible. I could talk for hours about her. She had such a big carrier, and she’s more then 30. She shows us that she has never felt better. She has never been so relaxed. She definitely enjoys what she’s doing right now and we can see it the way she skis. I like when someone is enjoying skiing even after such a long time, I think that it’s the way to behave.”

Last winter Janica clinched the first Super-combined held in Sansicario after a fierce battle with Anja Paerson who just won her first speed events in the previous days. Another duel between the two champions is expecting in that last Swiss race.

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