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23/02/2019 - 00:42
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FIS Ski Federation

Croatian Olympic Comittee
Zagreb / Sljeme (CRO), 05.01.2006.
With only one pole to the third place! Congratulations Janica!
Janica Kosteli, the only skier who climbed up the podium on every slalom race in World Cup, arrived first to the thrilled journalists.

Janica told that she rested in the morning and tried to memorize the course, but was interrupted by many interviews and photoshoots. 'First run was a little bit shameful, only part where i did my best was the middle of the course' she said, and added :'Ivica told me to be careful in the second run'. 'And so I'm standin at the start and thinking that i have to do my best for all the people who spent their days and nights prepairing the course and organising this event.' 'And then I start and lose my pole, incredible, cause I always think about that before every race.'

One question that was inevitable was that about janica's hand, because everyone could see that Janica is in great pain. 'Hand cannot be all right when you punch the gates' said Janica and added 'I wanted to give up, but i realised that I have about 20 gates remaining and in spite of all the pain i decided to continue. I owed that to all those people who put their best to make everything look so good today.'

Janica said that she doesn't think about next event in Maribor because she is too tired, and joked: 'If in Maribor i won't be able to hold a pole, we will tape it to my hand so I will be sure that it won't fall.'

Since today it's Janica's birthday, she, besides the fireworks in her honor, recieved a ticket for football game Brasil vs. Croatia on upcoming Footbal World Cup in Germany, and she didn't hide her satisfaction with that gift. She also recieved an award from Eurosport for Sport personality of the year in this TV station's poll. She won that award with 72 percent of people's votes.

Croatian daily newspaper Veernji List took care of making a birthday cake for Janica.
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