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19/01/2019 - 06:17
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Croatian Olympic Comittee
pindleruv Mlyn (CZE), 21.12.2005.
Janica Kostelic achieves big dream!
After years of fighting and also some tough crashes in that event, Janica Kostelic finally achieved one of her big dreams today in winning her first World Cup giant slalom in Spindleruv Mlyn thanks to her outstanding second run.

The skier from Zagreb, who won the Olympic GS in 2002 at Park City, always failed to confirm this success on the World Cup tour. She accumulated a nice series of top-3 finishes but she never reached the top of the podium in that specialty. She suffered a few bad crashes when she tried too hard – for instance three years ago in Bormio where she lost her balance a few meters before the finish line with the best intermediate time.

This time everything went on fine and Janica proved once more her great class in the treacherous second run in which all the other favourites struggled on their way down the demanding slope. Janica showed great emotion in the finish line as she kneeled down on the snow. Her father Ante was one of the first to congratulate her at the finish line – it was also a great moment for him!

A special day for Janica!

"Today is one of the most special days of my life, I can’t think at this victory in giant slalom in another way” said the triple Olympic champion who also enjoyed her first win of the season."

"I’m not talking about my GS medal at the Olympic Games because it doesn’t count when you only win once! I’ve been waiting for this moment since the first time I was skiing in the World Cup. I started winning in slalom only. And since those days, I’m thinking about a victory in giant slalom!"

"It has become one of my biggest dreams, and when you have been waiting for so long, it’s so difficult to realize that it finally came true. I expected this moment for so long, I think that I can even not explain my feelings."

"I can’t compare it to another win, for me it’s like when you have several kids, it’s hard to say which one is your favourite! They are all my babies. It even more difficult for me because I have another race tomorrow and I already have to get focused on that slalom."

"I can’t really explain why I’m able to achieve now something that I couldn’t do before. Maybe it’s because when your knee is injured, you can’t train in downhill for example. So you train more in giant slalom. But I truly can’t tell what happened today. The slope is pretty much like Maribor. It’s very hard because it’s bumpy and icy. In skiing down the first run, I didn’t have an idea of where I was going. I was just going all over the place. I made some mistakes all the way down. It was like everywhere a little bit, but nobody skis without error."

A hard 2nd run.

"I thought that the second run would be very hard too, because I started in it 29th position. Already at the first run, with an early bib number 5, the conditions were really horrible, so I could imagine how worst it could be with the reverse start-order."

"I didn’t think that the conditions would improve for the second run. I attacked like crazy because I saw that the girls were loosing time where it was bumpy in the bottom part. It’s challenging here, and I don’t think that the course would be different if it wouldn’t be icy or hard. There are some flats, and bumps, the terrain is very good, very challenging."

"I don’t know if this is improving my chances to win in giant slalom in the future. I was always trying my best each time I went out of the start house in the past races. But last year I struggled a lot, because I was having up and downs all the time. Let’s say that it’s 50-50... My goal will be to stay consistent and to finish in the top 10 in all races."

"I don’t want to start thinking about what is going to happen in the next weeks. I need to concentrate from one day to the other. There ‘s no way that I’ll now think at changing my plans since I know that I can also win in giant slalom, like talking about the Olympic Games. I don’t even want to say a word on this. We have too many races in between. For me, it’s still too far..."

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