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17/01/2019 - 04:46
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FIS Ski Federation

Croatian Olympic Comittee
Zagreb (CRO), 06.10.2005.
Zagreb scheduled for the men's World Cup slalom event!
Organisers of the second ladies' World Cup night slalom set for January 5th have received great news. Zagreb has been entered in the 2007/08 men's slalom schedule, meaning all the male ski stars will test slopes on Sljeme in the beginning of February 2008.

In the press conference manager of Croatian alpine ski teams Vedran Pavlek said the exact date will be known with the beginning of October next year. However, that did not stop the Croatian ski association managers to announce a great ski weekend in Zagreb.

If everything goes according to plans, Sljeme will host ladies' night event on Friday, Saturday will see a big ski happening on the main square in Zagreb, and Sunday will top it off with the men's event.

The competition will change its name in honour of our best female skier Janica Kostelic and will be known as “The snow queen trophy” according to her nickname. Men’s event will be known as “The snow king trophy”, respectively.

Vedran Pavlek explained the change of the brand: “Zlatni medvjed” took place on Sljeme as early as 1986, and we did not want people confusing our competition with the swimming event. The new name also reflects our gratitude towards the Kostelic family for increasing the interest in ski sports. Vedran Pavlek did not hide his thrill with all the compliments he received from the manager of World Cup men’s events Gunther Hujara while he was visiting Zagreb in August.

Spokesperson for Croatian ski association Ozren Muller, chairman of Croatian ski association Srecko Ferencek, vice-chairman as well as the representative for Crotian Television Bruno Kovacevic, chairman of TD Sljeme Dragutin Ziljak, press centar manager Kristina Laco and Reno Fleiss, manager of the event also attended the press conference.

The main conclusion was that the last year’s event filled everybody’s expectations. They also expressed hope that the event this season, beefed up with 10% increase in the organisational budget, will be on even higher scale of organisational success, for the satisfaction of all ski lovers, fans and TV viewers in 170 countries worldwide.

Skiers will be thrilled to know the prize money has been raised to 165.000 euro, which is the largest sum in World Cup.

Concluding the press conference, Vedran Pavlek added Janica returned to skis after three weeks of rehabilitation.
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