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18/01/2019 - 03:29
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Croatian Olympic Comittee
Slalom, Aspen (USA), 02.12.2002.
Another podium for Janica Kostelic
Croatia's "wonderwoman" Janica Kostelic achieved another great performance today in the slalom at Aspen where she captured her fourth consecutive podium in two weeks.
The triple Olympic Champion, a winner here two years ago, came in 2nd in that competition, 41/100 behind Sweden's Anja Paerson while Austria's Marlies Schild reached an unexpected 3rd place thanks to an impressive second run.

It's the first time in her career that Janica finished 2nd in a slalom - a day after her superb 2nd place in the Super-G yet she was pleased the same.
"I had two good runs today but I felt mentally tired before the second run and I couldn't ski at my best in the icy upper part of the course" she explained.
"To be so successful all the time takes a lot of emotion from you and then it's hard to remain totally focused and motivated".
"It takes a lot of energy to compete in all events and to always give your best to finish on the podium. Yesterday was a great day yet I didn't feel as fresh as I needed today".
"In the past I considered the 2nd place as a loser's place - but I changed my mind. It still request a lot of effort to be 2nd and I'm satisfied by ma performance today. Anja skied really strong in the hard upper part which suited well to her powerful style, she is a tough skier".
"I don't like this kind of hard snow and I didn't ski it so well today".
"As I said two years ago, this slalom course is not so challenging, I much prefer the Super-G slope which is excellent, technically very interesting.
There are not so many nice slaloms hills for the women - only one or two as St Anton. The men have more difficult runs as Wengen or Adelboden".
"I like to compete here because the crowd cheers so much for all of us, it's fun. In Europe the spectators only support their own racers. That's why I hope that we will soon have a World Cup race in Croatia, hopefully in four or five years. It would be great to compete in front of a crowd of over 100 000 spectators".
"I'm really pleased by my season start so far as I lost some time this summer because of health problems. I planned to compete in all events but I don't know if I will be able to make it now. I need to find some moments to rest and relax. In the next days, I will be traveling the Lake Louise where I will take it easier".
"So far I'm doing well in the World Cup standings but I don't think too much about them, for the moment I aim mostly to remain healthy and motivated".
"When I look forward I have a tough time thinking that I'll be traveling all the time in the next four months. I'll spent only a few days at home over Christmas and this is hard".
"I hope people are happy at home, skiing is big now in Croatia and everybody is watching the TV when we race. It's make sometimes life more difficult for us when we return, but that's part of the game".

The net women's races are planned from Friday to Sunday in Canada's Lake Louise where Janica had some good results in the past. It will be her first downhill since the Olympic combined events. "The course is OK for me, it will be fine. I will probably have to wait a while before reaching my first podium in downhill".

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