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18/01/2019 - 11:46
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FIS Ski Federation

Croatian Olympic Comittee
Schruns (AUT), 07.06.2005.
Janica’s procedure a success
Today morning dr. Christian Schenk performed arthroscopic surgery of the right knee cartilage on Janica Kostelic. Janica was under full anaesthesia.

After the surgery dr. Christian Schenk said he was satisfied, even more than he expected. He noticed two injuries on the cartilage, reaching almost to the bone: one was on the outer right part with diameter of 1.5 to 2 cm, while the other was smaller and on the rear part. He performed microfracturing on both damaged parts, and smoothened the other parts. It is very important to notice the knee is now stabile, and meniscus, ligaments and inner knee are in good shape. Dr. Schenk also cleared smaller cartilage debris floating in the knee.

Dr. Schenk said Janica will have to walk using crutches the next three weeks, and may expect returning to physical activities in about two months. Full ski practices will have to wait one more month after that. He also said the pain in the knee could be felt another 4-6 months.

Janica woke up after the surgery and is feeling well. She will be returning to Zagreb on Thursday, and will then decide where to go on rehabilitation.

We wish you a painless and speedy recovery Janica!
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