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17/01/2019 - 04:41
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Super G, Aspen (USA), 30.11.2002.
First Super G World Cup Podium for Janica in Aspen
Janica Kostelic achieved another tremendous performance today in Aspen as she finished 2nd in the first Super-G of the season, only 6/100 of a second behind the leading specialist in the event, Germany's Hilde Gerg.
It's her third consecutive podium in three different specialties - quite a sensational result too!

Since finishing 2nd last winter in the Olympic Super-G in Salt Lake City, it was obvious that Janica would sooner or later celebrate a success too in that discipline - in fact she was already very close to victory in Altenmarkt during the last World Cup Finals. She fell that day with the best intermediate time in the middle of the course.

In Aspen, where she won a slalom two years ago, she needed some time to find her best rhythm in the first part of the run but she nailed the bottom part in impressive way.
Only Gerg was able to beat her in the final section - the German veteran had practically the same split time at the second intermediate time (1/00 of a second difference only).

"I skied fine in the first part, maybe not as aggressive as in the lower section" Janica admitted after the race. "Since my crash in St Moritz, I have not dedicated so much time to training Super-G and I'm not able to give my best all the time as in the technical events".
"I was hoping to do well today here because the course is technically quite demanding especially in the final part. My favorite was Alexandra Meissnitzer - in fact she was very fast before skiing out. I'm surprised by Hilde because she didn't ski so fast when we trained together recently in Copper Mountain, but it's clear that she is more motivated in the races".
"It was really a nice race and the conditions perfect".

Another reason also why Janica was a little more cautious today in the upper part was the fact that she wore bib number 23 as in St Moritz when she suffered her bad crash. But after a while she felt confident enough to try harder.

"In the last years, Janica only took once much risks in Super-G, during the Olympics" explained Vedran Pavlek. "Beside this she always skiing inside her possibilities including today. It's a great result but we are not surprised at all. We knew she has the potential to excel in all specialties".

Ante Kostelic was quite proud too - Janica's father is a great defender of allround skiing and he hopes that his daughter improving her level in the speed events. "There are only very few skiers able to do well in slalom and Super-G during the same season, this a great performance, worth a victory" he said. "She lost much time in the upper section, she could have been much faster".

After the race, Janica went on training immediately her slalom - because she is looking for another great result here on Saturday!
Yet she is already thinking about the upcoming speed events in Canada. "The downhill course in Lake Louise is quite easy, there is a lot of gliding, but I plan to have fun there if the weather is fine" she said. "Downhill is still very difficult for me, the skis are much longer, the speed higher and it will be a while before I reach a podium in that event but I'll try it" she added. "So far I'm having a really great time here".

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