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23/02/2019 - 00:43
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Croatian Olympic Comittee
San Sicario (ITA), 27.02.2005.
Another win for Janica Kostelic
Janica Kostelic celebrated her second World Cup win this season in San Sicario's combined event raced on the lower part of the « Fraiteve Olympic" course. The skier from Zagreb beat her main contender, Anja Paerson, by 43/100 of a second, while Canada's Emily Brydon was 3rd at 1,32 seconds.

The triple combined gold medallist from Salt Lake City, St Moritz and Santa Caterina built-up her success on her outstanding downhill race in which she was much faster than her Swedish rival who lost 81/100 of a second on her in the morning. Austria's Renate Goetschl was 2nd in that downhill part at 8/100 and Brydon 3rd at 78/100.

In the slalom leg won by Sarka Zahrovska, the bronze medallist from Santa Caterina, Paerson clocked the 3rd time beating Kostelic, only 6th, by 38/100 - not enough though to win her third consecutive race in three days.

Yet the Swede was not too disappointed because she didn't want to take too many risks in the downhill. "I reached my limits yesterday in the downhill race and I was afraid to ski out or to crash taking again a lot of risks," Paerson explained afterwards. "I went for a solid and a smooth run. I was more aggressive in the slalom and I'm pleased by this 2nd place in the combined standings. I still have an advance of 63 points in the Overall Standings on Janica before the Finals in Lenzerheide. It's not so much, I will have to fight hard on the demanding Swiss course to remain out of reach."

"I'll do my best to win another Overall title - but there is no shame to be 2nd behind such a great champion as Janica in case I don't succeed. I have already reached a lot so far this season with my two gold medals and my World Cup wins in four different specialties. I'm very proud to be able to challenge Janica during the entire season. She is such a great champion and she is having so much fun too. We both enjoy this competition between us a lot. We give our best on the courses but we are good friends before and after the races."

Janica agrees with the comments of Anja and she is also looking forward with great excitement for the up-coming Finals in Switzerland. "It will be fun, because I have nothing to lose there," she explained at the press conference. "I need top-3 finishes in all four events in Lenzerheide to have a good chance to beat Anja, but this seems quite difficult. My GS is not so good and I have not scored a podium finish in Super-G this winter. But as long as there is a chance, I'll give my best to win, just for fun."

"As I often said, I did not expect such a situation at the season start, and I was not as consistent this winter as I used to be. But I still reached more than I expected especially at the World Championships."

"I was hoping to win this combined to stay close to Anja in the standings and make everything more interesting in Switzerland. My plan was to achieve a strong downhill, because I didn't feel so confident about making-up much time on her in a single slalom run only. I'm often skiing better in second runs, so I knew that I had to accomplish a great downhill to have a real chance to win this combined. In fact, I skied really well, better than yesterday and this helped me to win the combined. I prefer the traditional combined events with two slalom runs, but today I don't mind only skiing one run because I feel pretty tired. I don't know how I would have dealt with a second run this evening."

Janica will take a short break at home before training on Sljeme later on this week. "I heard there is much snow there so I may have the chance to do some powder skiing, it would be nice," she said with a grin. "It's nice to get a week off and relax a little. The week in Lenzerheide will be quite demanding."

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