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18/01/2019 - 03:27
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FIS Ski Federation

Croatian Olympic Comittee
Super G, Aspen (USA), 29.11.2002.
Janica's hat-trick!
Janica Kostelic, the world's premiere skier, seems to have reserved a place for herself on the winner's podium. At the third race of the American part of the world cup, she was again on the podium. Whatever the event, Janica Kostelic's name is loudly spoken, and award ceremonies cannot go on without her. In Aspen, our skier was second in the super G, and a mere six 1/100 of a second short of number one!

Janica won her Aspen rating in the final part of the course: she was lagging after every intermediate time, a whole 64 1/100 of a second behind in the second one, but she shot through the final meters like an arrow and bettered all her opponents. Even later, when the world's best in this event had their turn (Dorfmeister was eighth, Meissnitzer flew off the course), only Italy's Kostner was quicker.
- It seems that she did something majestic in the lower part of the track! - wondered Anter Kostelic, her father.
Our heroine spoke of her starting number after the race - 23. The same one that she wore on the day of her difficult crash at St. Moritz.
- I remembered the kind of misfortune that number had brought me. But, just before the race started, I remembered that Michael Joordan also had it on his back, and threw the accident out of my mind - said Janica.
And she thus again demonstrated her greatness. Both on and off the course. Because, right after the winner's ceremonies she went off to train for Saturday's slalom...
Janica is now firmly in the lead of the World Cup, her lead over second-place Nicole Hosp - double.
And next up is her event - slalom...

Aspen Race Resutls:
1. Hilde Gerg (Germany) 1:17.89,
3. Isolde Kostner (Italy) 1:18.00

World Cup Super G Standings:
1. Gerg 100 bodova,
3. Kostner 60

World Cup Overall Standings:
2. Nicole Hosp (Austria) 132,
3. Sonja Nef (Switzerland) 121...

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