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23/02/2019 - 02:40
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FIS Ski Federation

Croatian Olympic Comittee
Zagreb (CRO), 30.08.2004.
Contest for the making of the FIS World Cup "Zlatni medvjed" event mascot started
Today at the hotel Opera Croatian ski federation announced the start of the contest for the making of FIS World Cup “Zlatni medvjed” mascot. The contest was presented by the chairman of the Croatian ski federation and the chairman of the Organizing committee of the event Srecko Ferencak and the manager of the Organizing committee of the event Vedran Pavlek, along with Ivica and Janica Kostelic.

"In the midst of the full-scale preparations for the event, we have decided to include all the citizens of Croatia to help us find the mascot which will present us in the world along with the race. The Sljeme 2005 project, being the top sporting event, is a big chance for the promotion of Croatia and Zagreb in Europe and the whole world and deserves a recognizable mascot" said the chairman of the Croatian ski federation Srecko Ferencak.

"Croatia has waited long for the opportunity to organize the sporting event of this magnitude. We want to be well prepared and prove we can handle the organization of this top event so we started the mascot competition early enough to receive quality works. Mascot is something which reminds people of the sporting event, I am sure nobody forgot who Zagi or Vucko were, and we hope this event also receives its own favorite trademark. After we define the mascot’s look, we will ask all the citizens to help us pick a name" added the manager of the Organizational committee of the event Vedran Pavlek.

Logo of the "Zlatni medvjed" 2005. – Zagreb/Sljeme event ("Zlatni medvjed" translates in English to "Golden bear") will be a golden track of a bear paw; however the organizers of the event would like the competitors to let their imaginations loose.

The contest was published in the daily papers, as well as on this web site. All the submissions Croatian ski federation will put on display from October the 4th to October the 11th in Zagreb, and the best solution will be chosen by a committee made up of the members of the Croatian ski federation. First three mascots will be awarded: 15.000 kuna for the first place, 8.000 for the second and 4.000 for the third.

Janica Kostelic eagerly awaits the Sljeme event and its mascot. She said: "It is a great honor for every professional skier to compete on the home ground. Considering Sljeme was the place where I first stepped on the ski track, this race will have a special meaning for me. I am sure the creative solutions for our mascot will be greeted with the same kind of enthusiasm"
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