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17/01/2019 - 13:12
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FIS Ski Federation

Croatian Olympic Comittee
Zagreb (CRO), 21.01.2004.
Janica Kostelic's thyroid surgery a success!
This morning in hospital Sveti Duh in Zagreb Janica Kostelic underwent thyroid surgery. The surgery, performed by dr. Radetic and his medical team, was successful.

The preparations for the procedure and the procedure itself lasted for 2 hours. Janica's thyroid was successfully removed, and the best Croatian female athlete is feeling well, said the head of the Clinic for surgical diseases of Sveti Duh hospital dr. Tomislav Anic on the press conference held later this afternoon.

Dr. Miljenko Radetic and his medical team started the procedure at 8 am, and Janica Kostelic recovered from her narcosis soon after the surgery, said the manager of the hospital dr. Dalibor Krpan.

Dr. Radetic said that the world's best female skier suffered from hyperthyrosis and Pasetov's disease, which had had a negative effect on her inner organs and joints. These illnesses are treated throughout the world in one of two ways – either surgically or with the radioactive iodine therapy, which lasts longer and is not recommended to top athletes or younger people.

Dr. Radetic said Janica could be discharged from hospital in five days, after the stitches have been removed, and that the removal of the thyroid should not have any effect on her health or ski career. He said Janica's thyroid produced 3-4 times larger quantities of hormone thyroxin than normal. Janica will replace the hormone with the medication called Eutirox, which she will have to take every day for the rest of her life.

The endocrinology team from KBC Zagreb, KB Dubrava and Sveti Duh hospital, which has been taking care of Janica's thyroid problems for the past 2 months, said the surgery was performed at the moment when her hormonal condition was stable, and that the rehabilitation should not last more than five weeks, after which Janica will be allowed to start skiing again.

The manager of the Croatian ski team Vedran Pavlek thanked the medical team on the successful procedure, and said that Janica will go to Austria to cure the problems with her right knee, which was operated on four times, only after she completes her rehabilitation from surgery. The same procedure was done on famous Slovakian swimmer Martina Moravcova, who continued to win medals on big competitions afterwards, added Pavlek.

The head of the Department for cardiology and the member of the medical team which performed Janica's surgery, Jure Mirat, said Janica's heart took the procedure well and there were no problems considering she has had her fifth narcosis in a short period.
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