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17/01/2019 - 04:43
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FIS Ski Federation

Croatian Olympic Comittee
Zagreb (CRO), 14.10.2003.
FIS WC race on Sljeme!
Although she was unable to attend the press conference due to rehabilitation from injury, Janica Kostelic expressed her excitement via video message.

"It is always a great feeling skiing in front of the home audience. I believe it will be an additional motive for me." said the world’s best skier.

“For the first time a World Cup alpine ski event will be held in Croatia. International Ski Federation (FIS) has added to its calendar a night slalom which should be held on January 20th 2005 on Sljeme in Zagreb. " said the manager of Croatian ski team Vedran Pavlek at the press conference at which the "World Ski Cup Zagreb/Sljeme 2005" project was presented.

After obtaining all the necessary permits the construction on Sljeme should start soon. It involves cutting down 66 trees to widen the ski track, adjusting the levels of the track and creating necessary installations. The plans for the next year are constructing a road from the side where Zagorje is to the end of the track, installing lighting, getting new snow cannons and fixing the ski-lifts. The whole project is worth more than 50 million kuna.

"After the race Zagreb will have a ski center which will widen its touristical offer. All the newly constructed facilities will be available for Zagreb citizens." said the vice-mayor of Zagreb Milan Bandi.

Besides Croatian Ski Federation and the city of Zagreb the project realization also involves the Zagreb County, supervising ministries and a number of other organizations and companies.

"This is an extremely complicated and complex project. However, we are prepared and ready to get it done." said Pavlek, and added that it is International Ski Federation’s intention to bring the world cup events to the bigger cities thus sparking greater public interest.

By the end of the year International Ski Federation should dispatch the first inspection, the second will come in spring and the last one, by which all the construction must be over, will be the following year in Semptember.

Manager of the constructing organization Sljeme Dragutin iljak said that Sljeme could soon become a modern ski center from which the Croatian skiing would greatly benefit.

If the women’s slalom proves to be adequately organized, there is a great chance of hosting a World Cup ski event for men in January 2006.

"We must do all the work perfectly, without any mistakes. If we succeed in that, and I believe we will, we have a great chance of hosting world’s top skiers." said Pavlek, adding that Croatian Ski Federation is currently forming the organazing committee.
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