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19/01/2019 - 06:12
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FIS Ski Federation

Croatian Olympic Comittee
Loveland (USA), 14.11.2002.
A successful start on American soil.
Only a few days after reaching the US, Janica Kostelic, skied her first race. At Loveland, in the American state of Colorado, Janica skied in the first FIS race of the Nor-Am series, and came eight in giant slalom, a second and 12 tenths of a second behind the winner, Hosp.

Janica came eight with strarting number 20, which shows how quickly our ski diva managed to adapt to American snow. Already tonight, there is a rerun scheduled: the same place, the same competition - the giant slalom race at Loveland is also going to be Janica's second trial in the US.

Race results:
1. Nicole Hosp (Austrija) 1.52:35,
2. Yanik Britt (Kanada) 1.52:50,
3. Silvia Berger (Austrija) 1.52:90...
38. NIKA FLEISS (HRVATSKA) 1.57:54...
52. ANA JELUI (HRVATSKA) 1.59:56
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