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Croatian Olympic Comittee
Zagreb (CRO), 13.05.2003.
Prof. Dr. Benedett operated on Janica Kostelic's knee
After the operation on her right knee at the end of May, Janica Kostelic was constantly feeling pain in her meniscus. Strangely she didn’t develop a swelling or high temperature in that part of her knee.

She was training in Hinterteux (AUT) one week ago but the pain didn’t go away. We expected that the pain would go away but since it didn’t, we contacted Dr. Schenk in Schruns where Janica had already been operated on in September 2001. He works relatively close to Hintertaux but unfortunately he is on vacation, so we have contacted Prof. Dr. Benedett from Feldkirchen (AUT). In the afternoon, Janica Kostelic went to have her examination in Feldkirchen, Voralberg, scheduled for that evening. It revealed that a minor arthroscopic procedure was needed.

Janica’s meniscus was operated on immediately, at around 08:30 pm. The doctors removed the polyps that were causing the pain. They cleaned her entire knee and shortened her back cross ligament.

Dr. Darko Mati, from Zagreb’s Traumatology Ward, helped contact Prof. Dr. Benedett as well as in the surgery it self.

Janica is feeling well after surgery and is expected to recover in three weeks. It remains to be seen whether Janica will return to the slopes in June in Hinterteux or July in Zermatt. That depends on how well she recovers and the weather conditions in June 2003. It hasn’t been decided for now where she will be recovering but she is supposed to leave the hospital as early as Wednesday, 14.05.2003.
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