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18/01/2019 - 09:55
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FIS Ski Federation

Croatian Olympic Comittee
Slalom, Hafjell (NOR), 15.03.2003.
Janica skied out because of a boy from the audience
Janica Kostelic didn't finish the season with her 20th World Cup victory and she didn't break the record in the overall World Cup standings. Unfortunately, she missed one of the gates near the end in the last slalom race this season and she didn't get any points. That was the 1st time she skied out in the slalom since the World Championship race in St Anton in 2001.

«The worst thing is that I fell near the skiers who were going to a cable car and were trying to get to the top of the course for the giant slalom race. There were at least twenty of them and one of them was looking at me so I looked at him with the corner of my eye. It was enough for me to loose my concentration and ski out. I was so embarrassed” said Janica hardly disappointed.

“It doesn’t matter. I am pleased because I actually skied well. Sometimes skiers fall. I know that you are not used to it but it happens. I don’t want to complain because I had a great season” said Janica who had the third best time in the 1st run.

After the race, Janica Kostelic received the little Crystal Globe in the same event. We knew from the beginning of the season that the only way she wouldn’t win was if she was injured. Janica won 5 slalom races this season, Paerson three, while Koznick won the last race in Lillehammer.

“I can’t wait for the Sunday’s giant slalom and this season race to be over. Although I know that I will miss the snow and the races in a week. That’s just me” said Janica in the end.

After the Lillehammer’s Finals, the world’s best skier will operate her right knee and go to rehabilitation in Selce afterwards. Her colleague and her brother’s girlfriend will keep her company.

The results of the slalom in Lillehammer:
1. Kristina Koznick (USA) 1:45.67,
2. Laure Pequegnot (France) 1:45.75,
3. Marlies Schild (Austria) 1:45.90

The overall slalom results:
4. Christel Pascal (France) 359,
5. Marlies Schild (Austria) 342,
6. Laurie Pequegnot (France) 341,
7. Nicole Gius (Italy) 264,
8. Monika Bergmann (Germany) 245,
9. Martina Ertl (Germany) 228,
10. Nicole Hosp (Austria) 226

The Overall World Cup standings:
2. Karen Putzer 1000,
3. Anja Paerson 997
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