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18/01/2019 - 03:25
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FIS Ski Federation

Croatian Olympic Comittee
Slalom, Are (SWE), 08.03.2003.
Janica 3rd in history of skiing!
For the 5th time this season Janica has confirmed who the true queen of slalom is. Swedish Are, became her favorite ski resort. Janica Kostelic won the last slalom race prior to the World Cup Finals in Lillehammer. She is now relaxed and is skiing for her own pleasure. Somebody even did the statistics and confirmed that Janica is the 3rd best skier in history!

«It was difficult because Anja Paerson was great in the 2nd run. After hearing that, I would've even been satisfied with the 2nd place. I thought that I wasn't going to beat her» said Janica after the race.

Her advantage in the 1st run was 55/100 seconds on the course settled by her father and coach, Ante Kostelic. «The girls with higher starting numbers had more problems. My father did a good job with the course, but the gates in the 2nd run were strange. Perhaps, not even regularly settled. The distance between two gates was too big. Anyway, I am really happy because I won» said Janica.

She used to remember Are as a cloudy town. «I have never made a good score here so I didn't like it a lot. But, after this victory and finishing 6th in the giant slalom, there is no reason for that anymore» said Janica and added: «My goal in Lillehammer is to stay among top three giant slalom skiers. I am not going to race in the downhill, but I can stay relaxed in the Super-G and the giant slalom. Just like here in Are.»

Her greatest rival, Anja Paerson, was very pleased with the 2nd run but somehow she couldn't believe that Janica managed to beat her. At the end of the race, Anja kneeled and kissed Janica's ski boot.

«I didn't know what to do. Should I kick her or what?!» explained Anja. We can just imagine how she feels when she has a rival like Janica Kostelic...

The results of the slalom race:
2. Anja Paerson (Sweden) 1:46.47,
3. Monika Bergmann (Germany) 1:47.58

The World Cup slalom standings:
1. JANICA KOSTELIC 710 points,
2. Anja Paerson 458,
3. Christel Pascal 335

The Overall World Cup standings:
2. Anja Paerson 957,
3. Michaela Dorfmeister 887...
82. NIKA FLEISS 39...
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