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19/01/2019 - 02:19
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FIS Ski Federation

Croatian Olympic Comittee
Slalom, Winter Park (USA), 18.11.2002.
Janica finishes second.
In the last FIS slalom race of the Nor-Am series in the American town of Winter Park, Janica Kostelic finished second. A day after her slalom win, Janica confirmed that she was on her way to top shape just before the continuation of the World Cup.

Janica started the race 6., and was 3. in the first run. She was the quickest skier of the second run, however, and that was sufficient for an overall second place. "Janica feels quite tired and is extremely satisfied with the result" - said Team spokesperson Ozren Muller.

Nika Fleiss finished the race fourth, finishing second only to Janica in the second run, while Ana Jelusic came in 23.

Race Results:
1. Laurie Pequegnot (France) 1:32.77,
3. Slepper (USA) 1:33.77,
4. NIKA FLEISS (CROATIA) 1:33.94...
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