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18/01/2019 - 11:45
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Croatian Olympic Comittee
Giant slalom, Are (SWE), 07.03.2003.
Janica 3rd in the overall giant slalom standings
Besides being double world champion (in slalom and combined), the overall world cup winner and the best slalom skier, Janica Kostelic has another goal that she discovered after finishing 6th in the giant slalom race.

“My goal was to be among top three giant slalom skiers at the end of the season! I am 3rd now and I plan to stay that way” said Janica. This was the last giant slalom race before the finale in Lillehammer and it was held at night (the 1st run started at 5.30 pm and the 2nd race started at 8.30 pm). “I will continue to collect points but I’m sure that Anja Paerson will take the GS Crystal Globe” added Janica.

The happiest person in Are was Anja Paerson who finished 1st in the 1st run but the sensation was Italy’s Daniela Merighetti who finished 29th in the 1st run and than 2nd in the 2nd run! She even managed to outdone Canada’s Britt Janyk who was in the lead after the 1st run. Michaela Dorfmeister fell, while Janica was 87/100 seconds behind Janyk and finished 7th in the 1st run. Still, Anja Paerson was unstoppable in the 2nd run.

“I saw how Marighetti skied. She was good but not sensational. She had a good course and we didn’t. I thought that I was never going to finish. The 2nd run was really difficult” said Janica.

“I finally did something in the GS and now nobody can say that I ‘m only here to show off. Once I didn’t qualify and than afterwards, I was too weak… I have won the World Cup here two years ago but I wasn’t anything special on races. Now, I am” said the Croatian skier. She will have her opportunity again on Saturday’s slalom.

The giant slalom results:
1. Anja Paerson (Sweden) 2:29.88,
2. Daniela Merighetti (Italy) 2:30.00,
3. Denise Karbon (Italy) 2:20.02...

The Overall giant slalom standings:
1. Anja Paerson 469 points,
2. Karen Putzer 413,

The Overall World Cup standings:
2. Michaela Dorfmeister 887,
3. Anja Paerson 877...
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