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17/01/2019 - 04:45
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FIS Ski Federation

Croatian Olympic Comittee
Slalom, St. Moritz (SUI), 15.02.2003.
The 2nd gold for Janica!
Janica Kostelic won her 2nd gold medal in the World Championship in St. Moritz! We all knew that slalom was her discipline but we were in doubt because of her health condition. But, it seems that she is unstoppable...

In the 1st run, Janica showed that the course that needed a big push at the start, as well as her feisty rivals couldn't stop her on her way for the new gold medal. Now, Janica has won everything that could've been won in slalom. «I had a hard time starting, but I did it. The rivals were faster at the beginning but I've managed to catch up with them» said Janica.

She improved her score in the 2nd run and skied almost perfectly. «I was a favorite and I finished as a favorite. Perhaps, it will be easier for Ivica now, but it can also mean that it can be more difficult. Maybe he feels that he too must win a medal now. But, judging on his skiing he has a pretty big chance» said Janica.

The Croatian fans greeted Janica at the finish line. «You know, when I hurt my self in the GS, I was thinking: I'm not going to end up injured in St. Moritz again! But it all ended up fine except I'm still in pain» concluded Janica thinking about the accident that happened three years ago. But now, St. Moritz will stay in pleasant memories...

The other two Croatian representatives had great results too. Nika Fleiss finished 8th, while Ana Jelusic finished 24th. «It's not over yet! We have three girls that are top-
30 finishers in the GS, two in top-10 in slalom, and Janica has gold now. Great! Now, we wait for Ivica's slalom...» said the team director, Vedran Pavlek.

The results from the slalom race:
2. Marlies Schild (Austria) 1:40.18,
3. Nicole Hosp (Austria) 1:40.46,
4. Anja Paerson (Sweden) 1:40.58,
5. Anna Ottosson (Sweden) 1:40.94,
6. Sonja Nef (Switzerland) 1:41.06,
7. Laure Pequegnot (France) 1:41.30,
9. Sabine Egger (Austria) 1:41.62,
10. Tanja Poutiainen (Finland) 1:41.66...
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