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18/01/2019 - 03:31
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FIS Ski Federation

Croatian Olympic Comittee
Combined, St. Moritz (SUI), 10.02.2003.
Janica won her 1st World Championship gold
The home of the Kostelic family must be crowded with awards and from 10th February 2003, Janica is the proud owner of the World Championship gold medal!

In this combined race, Janica was the main favorite and we all know how difficult is to carry that title especially when you have an aching knee. «I didn't give much attention to the World Championship, but I'm glad because now nobody can say that Janica Kostelic never won the World Championship gold medal» said Janica.

Janica reached the finish line with a painful look on her face. She felt strong pain at her knee and it was getting stronger after the downhill race. She started really well with the number 26 and has finished only 67/100 seconds behind the winner Hargin.

«Considering I already had a good score in the downhill, it would've been stupid not to participate in the slalom race» said Janica. She had reduced her loss of time in the 1st slalom run to only 17/100 seconds behind the winner Hosp. «I could've been faster but I was afraid of skiing out.»

But, Janica did her best in the 2nd run and won by 6/100 seconds on the 2nd runner Hosp. «Of course I'm happy. This is my 1st World Championship gold medal. I'm also happy because I've managed to shut some people's mouth up. I wasn't nervous, just tired. I couldn't wait for it to finish» said Janica.

Still, the aching knee gave her a hard time in the slalom race also. «It's not as dangerous as it's painful. I felt it in the morning but I've tried not to think about it» said Janica after receiving some pain killers. «I'll take some rest now, and I will rethink if I will race in the giant slalom or not. But, I think I will» she concluded.

The result from the World Championship combined race:
2. Nicole Hosp (Austria) 2:41.69,
3. Marlies Oester (Switzerland) 2:43.83,
4. Marlies Schild (Austria) 2:43.85,
5. Maria Reisch (Germany) 2:44.60,
6. Martina Ertl (Germany) 2:45.02,
7. Julia Mancuso (USA) 2:45.30,
8. Jessica Lindell-Vikarby (Sweden) 2:45.31,
9. Sarka Zahrobska (Czech Republic) 2:45.50,
10. Resi Stiegler (USA) 2:45.65
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